When Do You Feel Beautiful?

I stumbled across this post by the beautiful Charla, and thought I'd borrow the idea.  It is her response to the question, "When do you feel beautiful?"

... A question we rarely ask ourselves, if we're honest.  We're too busy thinking, "I'm having an off-week and a fat day, all of my clothes are wrong, and I'd much rather be that woman over there."  Or something equally absurd profound.

So here's the challenge: rather than delving into the unhappy comparisons, 
why not keep a list of the things that make you feel beautiful?


I feel beautiful:

1) When I'm in the sunshine, getting freckles.
2) On roadtrips - windows down, music blaring, hair free.
3) While painting - a carefree, barefoot kind of thing.
4) Listening to Lifehouse.  No idea.
5) After a long run.
6) In those moments when life just fits.
7) Wearing my favorite Lucky jeans.  Or anything bohemian. 
8) During rainstorms, when I go into 'creative mode.'
9) With a good book and a cup of coffee, especially if the book is the kind you just have to read out loud, to hear how it sounds, and you feel like you are single-handedly making the story come alive.
10) Whenever I accomplish something I didn't think I could do.

... Try it out.  And share your list with me, please!

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you 
is the greatest accomplishment.


  1. I was really inspired by this post, Laur. I've been having one of those weeks where I feel kind of off. So I went ahead and made my list. ;) It's good to keep in mind that we were created to be beautiful and sometimes only we really know what that means. :)

    1) When I write
    2) Sitting on the roof of our summer beach house, watching the ocean and coastline
    3) After a full workout when I’m sweaty and my hair is sticking out everywhere
    4) Cleaning my room in a sundress with the windows open and Loreena McKennitt playing
    5) When I decide to wear something just a little sexy for no reason at all
    6) Singing outside where no one can hear me
    7) When I actually help someone feel better about themselves
    8) Anytime I realize I’ve been doing exactly as I please for more than an hour without thinking about it
    9) Jumping on the trampoline
    10) Whenever I remember I have really big dreams

  2. Thanks for this. What a great reminder! In a culture that trains us to compare, it's difficult to step back and see the beauty God gave you, and you alone!

  3. Here's my list:
    1. When I am laughing uncontrollably with a friend
    2. Watching the sunrise in the crisp early morning summer air, wrapped in a blanket, coffee in hand
    3. When my husband looks at me in wonder.
    4. When my hair is long, and down.
    5. When I get to wear cute clothes, do my make-up, and do my hair, ALL at the same time :-)
    6. When I wear hats. And overalls. And boots.
    7. When I read this verse: "I am my Beloved's, and my Beloved is mine." SOS 6:3
    8. When I complete an art project.
    9. After a run.
    10. When my daughter caresses my cheek and whispers, "I just love you Mama. So much."

  4. so, i JUST emailed you back on your comment to my post...then, came here to see that you did do your own list!

    and i really, really love all of it. it breathes beauty--freckles and roadtrips and painting barefoot. i especially liked that you put "no idea" after "Listening to Lifehouse." it's amazing how some things in life unexplainably make us feel beauty. but it's kind of cool to acknowledge them, don't you think?

    i also liked that you shared how easy it is to get caught up into that mindset of "if only" or "i wish." makes me want to keep lists like this much more often.

    i'm soo glad you participated. i really enjoyed what you shared.

  5. and i just read the other ladies comments on here...so inspiring. and beautiful. i have no doubt that the God who delights in us finds pleasure in the moments when we delight in ourselves.


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