No Beer, No Parentheses, No Spatula!

Lookie, it's my family.
(Photo taken by Sarah K.)

Isaac giving me a daisy, because they're my favorite.  

The cutest shoes in the world.

Look at this gangsta.

 This is what always happens when we pose together.
Since I'm the shortest and I like to pretend I'm tall for photos.

A yellow house called the Dally.  
Not sure what that means in Danish, but I thought it was adorable.
In a beach-house kind of way.
I vacation at the Dilly-Dally.  Where else.

Sarah, me, Stepho.  Freezing as per usual.


As seen on the bus, on our ride home:

I'm well aware of what this really means, 
but every time we get on a bus,
we scream,

We're really quite embarrassing.

Case in point, there is a building downtown that says DAGBLADET in massive white letters along the top.  This means 'newspaper' in Danish and is not at all pronounced as you'd imagine (if it were an English word).  Nevertheless, whenever we pass by, we have to yell DAGBLADIT! at the top of our lungs, exactly as you would if you were The Most Embarrassing American Tourist in the World.

Clearly we have problems, dagbladet.


  1. Oooo Daisies, my favorite. I love the those happy little flowers. They were my wedding flower, I love them so much.

    Love the photos. Its like I get to travel without having to get on a plane.


  2. this post made me laugh.

    your whole freaking family is gorgeous.

  3. happiness.
    that's what this post made me feel:)

    and i LOVE the pictures.


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