30 Word Challenge

You've probably seen this meme floating around the blogosphere.
The challenge: describe yourself in thirty words.

As this sounds like the sort of thing I would rethink until it had lost all meaning, 
I've decided to mildly tweak it.

I'm going to write 20 words that describe me in this exact moment, and then add parenthetical explanations and/or disclaimers as necessary.


Sleepy.  (It's my own fault; I did not wash my hair this morning.  Whenever I skip washing my hair, I never quite wake up.  I tell myself this every morning as I get into the shower, and yet I still occasionally manage to get out with unwashed hair.)

Tangent: I give myself very good advice, but seldom ever take it.  Oh Alice.

Conflicted.  (Should I get back in the shower and wash my hair?)

Chilled.  (Denmark had its annual summer last week, while I was away, and now it is gone.)  Mollified.  (I have coffee.)  Gray.  (It's a weather thing.  It affects my mood and also how I dress.)  Confused.  (Since when did 'gray' and 'grey' become interchangeable?  Wiki: gray or grey is an achromatic or neutral color).  Neutral.  (Apparently.)  Irritated.  (I am now out of coffee.)

Amused.  (Isaac ran into something and keeps saying he is 'horted'.  As you can see, I'm a very sympathetic mama.)

Unsympathetic.  (Isaac just informed me of the following: "Isaac bonk-ted."  And I laughed.)

Waiting.  (To get into the bathroom; see previous post.)

Distracted, mildly (There are a lot of sticky-notes on my computer screen reminding me to do various things, as well as the occasional stray sentence I intend to use in a short story.  Like the bit about Vinny the tow-truck guy.  I am having trouble focusing.)

Creative.  (I'm about to begin an oil piece for the etsy; I'm submitting the picture-book to lulu for publication; I'm writing more stray-sentence-sticky-notes for short stories.)

Bothered, somewhat.  (I am only on my fourteenth word.  Scratch that, sixteenth.  I'm going to  count mildly and somewhat.  I'm sure I'm somewhat mild in regards to something or other.  This is going to be trickier than I thought.)

Anticipatory.  (Waiting on a package that won't come for quite awhile since I only just ordered it yesterday.)  Wishing.  (I had ordered it before yesterday.)

Novelesque.  (I'm an American expat living in a third-floor flat in Europe, with socks drying on window-ledges, a Nikon 3100 with a freshly-emptied SD-card, and a 10-klip waiting to take me places.  Sounds novelesque to me.)

Hopeful.  (There is a bit of blue sky peeking out from behind those dark clouds.)


  1. I just caught up on your last few posts. Here are six words that describe me right now:

    Jealous. (You were at the beach! Not fair at all. I keep telling my husband we moved to the wrong side of NC. We're from Michigan, for goodness sakes! I don't know why he doesn't understand that I have a deep need to live close to water. He keeps reminding me how much more expensive it is to live close to the water. I don't like when he does that.)

    Silly. (I really thought that first photo was your artwork. It really looks a lot like you. Well, as much as magazine clippings can look like a person.)

    Awkward. (See "Silly" above.)

    Impressed. (You opened your etsy shop and I just checked it out! Love it!!)

    Disappointed. (I missed the giveaway.)

    Hopeful. (That I'll find room in my budget to purchase something from your etsy soon. I could also use *Broke* to describe myself but I prefer, *Financially Challenged* which is clearly two words so it doesn't apply here.)

    Also, your mom and dad are super cute! They look so happy together.

    I hope the sun won over the clouds. It's grey (gray?) here today.

  2. Love it! I love your added exclamations and/or disclaimers. You could have added beautiful and photogenic as well :-)

  3. This is great I love IT, and I dig your twist on it! I am cracking UP about the hair washing, oh boy, you sound like me!!!

    I would say you are very clever, and friendly too, and have a great sense of humor:)

    Love your words...!

  4. hah, i love your term "novelesque".
    so. true.


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