two sisters and one bathroom

My sisters are visiting me in Denmark this month.

{ sarah ... steph ... me. }

Tim and Isaac met us at the Copenhagen Airport.  Isaac was upset I hadn't brought 'Papa, Nana, and Luke and Lydi' instead.  He showed me their photo and said, "that one, that one," (pointing back and forth between the photo and himself, as is his habit when he wants something), and then waving his hand at my sisters and saying, "nah."  I guess they'll just have to do until Christmas, buddy.

I wish everyone was here ... all ten on us.  Or at least the boys so we could play Brazilian Uno, quote All the Movies from start to finish, dance The Interlude on the train, and wear fake mustaches while exploring.  On second thought, probably best they stayed home.  We're really quite embarrassing together.

Since the girls arrived, the weather's been cold and rainy, Isaac's been upset about preschool (he apparently sat in a nettle patch while I was gone and hasn't quite gotten over it), and I've been swamped with work.  So we've yet to do much of anything.  But the main thing to glean from this blog post is this: If you read my sister's complaints on Facebook about not getting enough food - THEY ARE LYING.  There's a lot of food in my house; they're picky.  Or jet-lagged.  Or something.  

Also they've gotten The Worst Songs in the World stuck in my head.

... Sometimes I like/think sitting on trains ... 
(what are the actual lyrics to this unfortunate song?)

Oh yes, and may I just say: TWO SISTERS AND ONE BATHROOM!

Otherwise.  It's been lovely.  More to come.


  1. aw, sisters are awesome, aren't they?
    oh. gotta love sisters who are picky too. lol.

  2. really beautiful trio!!! have a blast!

    found your lovely blog through Rebecca:)


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