On the Sunny Side

{ Saturday in Copenhagen }

The canal: the perfect spot to people watch.

Tue West was performing at the Amnesty International event downtown.
My new favorite sound.

There's a lot of trash here.  Just sayin'.

A photography exhibit.  What I love most about Copenhagen: there is always something happening ... live music, street performers, art exhibits, 
people dressed in costumes for no reason whatsoever ...

And of course, the canal cafes.  I mean really.  On the Sunny Side?  
You can't beat a sunflower-yellow cafe with a name like that.

... And then there's always the tiny trucks.  
I think I need to own a tiny truck with a built-in coffeehouse.
I might even sell enough coffee to pay for the fuel.  

This just made me happy.

Also this.  Joe and the Juice.  Why not.

Sunday in The Apartment
A Day of Impromptu Photo Shoots and also Lots of Rain

... How was your weekend?


  1. I have never seen a family filled with such beautiful people :-)

  2. all. these. pictures.
    i love them.
    the town/coffee place ones especially.
    you people are kinda sweet too, i guess. :)

  3. So good - love everything about this. Have you ever been to the Sunny Side? What a great name!

    Also love the lighting you get in your apartment for photos, so pretty!

  4. I can't tell you how much I love the "out and about" photos. They just make me happy. Every time.

    As for an impromtu photoshoot...I would have to spend 3 hours getting ready! Ha!



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