Adventures in Ikea-Land

... so, I have some news.

My sisters and I moved into Ikea last night.
This is us in our new living room.

Our relocation was quite controversial and will probably be on the news.
We will watch it on our new Ikea TV. 

Steph is kind of a creeper sometimes, fyi.

Here we are in our midget-sized bedroom,

having coffee in our new Ikea mugs ...

... and chilling in our new kitchen.

When things get boring,

we take a bath.

Seeing as our last apartment didn't have a tub,
and we kind of missed it.

(No Ikea products were harmed in the making of this blog post, not to mention it was highly entertaining for all the other customers and the entire Ikea staff.  We have been kindly asked not to return.)


  1. they asked you not to return?!
    oh. my.

    .......i haven't misbehaved [a.k.a "had fun"] at a store, grocery or home decor, since i was a wee little thing. guess i've been coloring inside the lines too much these past how many years. :P

  2. Did you know in the states Ikea's running tv ads about people who move into the store? Your scenes are far more glamorous.


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