One Dr. Zhivago Hat, Please

The Danes have this saying that goes: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad attire.  

Or something to that effect.

Well, I've gotta' tell ya ... I have nothing but bad attire.  My entire wardrobe, if you can call it a wardrobe, is completely wrong.

I take that back.  A few of the things I own are supposedly quite nice for the first two weeks of August, only guess what?  Denmark is having a chilly August this year - the first in years! -

and I get to be here for it.  Lucky me.

I own a lot of tank tops.  Flimsy, summery sweaters.  Sandals.  I collect lightweight dresses.

I have one pair of jeans I like, and they are currently knee-less due to wear.  I have no comfortable walking shoes as my sneakers just recently ended their life span.  My heaviest winter coat was meant entirely for staring out of a window at the occasional dusting of snow, not to actually be worn in it.  I dislike long-sleeve shirts on principle.  They are too restrictive.

I told Tim I was meant to live on a beach where I didn't need clothes.

And he said: Don't worry, Denmark weather is very mild - mid seventies.  They have nude beaches!  Their winters are like Georgia winters.

(I don't actually like Georgia winters.  But I like them better than west coast winters.)

Well guess what.  Denmark gets snow from January straight through April.  APRIL. 

So ... I'm either going to have to go shopping or jump a plane to the  Canary Islands.  Or find a really big electric blanket and resurface next August.

Goodbye world.

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  1. northface. columbia. does REI ship to denmark? there are good sturdy warm clothes that might yet satisfy your boho heart. layers, colors, textures. :] you'll find yourself in the cold.

    PS- i got your postcard! it's decorating the 3 ring binder that i have chosen to use for my semester notes. i'd write back but if it took this long to get here, i doubt you'll still live in the same space by the time my note will get there???

  2. I hate hate hate being cold :( Pretty awesome hat, that...I bought one in Russia actually :)


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