Goodmornin' Sunshine (Or Not)

It's raining again this morning.

This is my basil plant.  In case you were wondering. 

This is me, first thing in the morning - make-up-less and coffee-less.
(lucky you)

I read this article by A Beautiful Mess about taking self-portraits, because I would like to actually be in my blog more often . . . And I've gotta' tell you, I am very bad at this.  Please help, all you camera-savvy bloggers out there.  

Tim brought me coffee from the bakery downstairs.  Two coffees.  Notice how small these cups are and wonder why.  (I do, every morning.)

Isaac had some yogurt.  He has yogurt every morning, and every morning, without fail, it is a huge surprise to him when he spills it on his shirt.  And since he has some kind of phobia about things being on his shirt, he changes.  Often.  So I have lots of laundry.

Since the outdoors are looking especially uninviting ...

... I guess I'll work out in the bathroom again.  It sounds absurd but it is The Biggest Room.  Also, it has tiled floors.  The wood floors in the rest of the apartment creak with every movement, which is why Mette told us, on move-in day, that "the floors like bare feet only."  Since there is a clothing store directly underneath, I thought I'd be kind and save them the trouble of an overhead stampede..  I miss my elliptical. 

And then work on some illustrations.  The chidren's book is coming along beautifully.  Not as quickly as I'd hoped, what with school and work and Isaac and moving across the pond, but I hope to have all the illustrations finished by year-end. 

I'd show you the paintings, but I'm keeping them secret.  So here's a photo of a few art supplies instead:

... In a serious state of dishevel.  I don't have a work-space here (the bathroom being the biggest room and all); I have a window-sill.  But a very good window-sill at that.
... I'm told that it is pointless to check the weather forecast in Denmark; you just have to wait and see.  So maybe it'll get sunny ...


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  2. adore the pictures. the one of isaac is precious - love his expression :)

    Sorry the weather is so icky. It's starting to get cool here too - so we'll be experiencing the same thing shortly

  3. Love this post! And the pictures!
    (For the record, I suck at taking self portraits also!)

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  5. whoa, spammers alert.

    denmark sounds like my house. i think my visit there will go smoothly, i'll just expect the weather to be exactly the same and the language and currency to be different and all will go well.

  6. Actually they all speak English fluently - you'd never know it wasn't their natural language. And they don't mind speaking it to you at all, so .... that's no big deal either.

  7. Isaac is a doll! :).

    I can't wait to see some paintings, and of course the book!


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