some kind of heaven, that

As you know, we're back in Denmark. I haven't updated much because my stubborn computer is apparently trying to retire, sans my permission. A little update:
During the last couple weeks, we've been living on the top floor of a beautiful Danish bed and breakfast (pictured above) ... while waiting on our official move-in day at La Petite Maison (my fond nickname for the studio apartment I've yet to see). After our arrival, they said 'We send the inspector tomorrow, and then the artisans will come.' Which, if you ask me, is a fairly pretentious name for someone who will take, oh, you know, thirty minutes to paint a room the size of a dingy white. (I think they can do this because the paint also has an absurd name, something like Stardust or Angel Kiss.) They later informed us we could pick up the key on the fifteenth. Tuesday.
In the mean-time, the B&B has been a fun experience. It is owned by a Canadian-Danish couple who actually started the church we now attend and host our English network group twice a month. We've been trading off dinner duty in their home on the first floor. All that to say, if you ever come to Denmark, you should stay here ...
... in Roskilde. Come to find out ... I sort of missed this little town while we were gone. Despite the cold and the rain. And yes, you are seeing a baby sitting outside that shop. It is a common practice here, and surprisingly safe in this country.
Things are slowly returning to normal, aside from the jet-lag that has kept us up all hours of the night. Tim is back at work, Isaac back at kindergarten, and I am busy with data projects and etsy illustrations and running. Yesterday I put out fliers for the international book club I would like to begin, because ... you can always use extra book-lovers in your life.
In other news, we started a monthly sponsorship program via Compassion International. It recently dawned on me, in one of those 'how could I not think of this before' kind of ways, that as much as I would like to adopt a child and cannot afford it, yet, there is still so much I can do right now. I am able.
I wanted to mention it here because it can never be mentioned enough: these children need love and support, and these programs make small gifts go a long way - from sponsoring a child to rescuing single mothers and assisting children who are struggling to survive. Just something to think about. 
... I've also been hanging out at Gimle Cafe. It's the closest thing I've seen to the type of coffeehouse I'd like to open someday, and I love it in a 'I could live in here' kind of way. Really. On one of the many green armchairs, listening to the music, surrounded by international students and artists, with coffee. 
Some kind of heaven, that. 


  1. Hi Lauren, so glad to hear you got home to Denmark safe and sound and you new temporary accommodation looks lovely....I love the look of that coffee shop too and can seder why you love going there....I hope your new apartment is cosy and homey for you, I'm sure you'll work wonders with it...xo

  2. Seems I have missed quite a bit as I finished up the year. As always, I loved the photos. They let me feel as though I am part of something I may never see. Ever. I am not spending much time in coffeehouses right now. I am trying very hard to stay on task and I find I watch people way to much when I go. So. More work, less play, and let's hope more accomplished. Have a great Monday!


  3. I do that too, watch people that is. All the time, constantly. I love people watching!

  4. the baby sitting outside the shop kinda freaks me out.....reminds me of a certain episode from the bbc series Call The Midwife...ay yi yi!!

  5. Yes! I have miniature heart attacks every time I see it ... and I've been seeing it pretty consistently for a year now.

  6. whoa. doesn't running help keep your heart healthy? ;) :P yikes.


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