All Worthwhile

We've officially moved into La Petite Maison (the studio). It took a three-day juggling act to get everything organized sans closet and drawers, with floor space left over. I am now exhausted in a life-as-a-Jenga-box kind of way. Also immensely proud of myself.

I am quickly learning how to live in what is essentially a cozy shoe-box; how to do without washer and dryer, stove and oven, and storage space; and how to navigate public transit from here. I don't mind. After all, I've lived in a school bus before. I can handle this. In fact, I kind of like it.

Not to mention we are saving funds for summer travel before moving stateside again. Makes it all worthwhile.   

Before I go ... here's a series of photographs I like, 
that have nothing to do with anything I just wrote.
It's a good thing you love me, otherwise 
my utter lack of continuity might force you to swear off this blog altogether.

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  1. We moved to a much smaller place. It's stressful, but on the plus side you can't accumulate any more shit for the next move!

  2. So true. Or at least, hopefully true. I think if my husband lived by himself in this place, you wouldn't be able to open the front door. Anyway that's how it was in the closet-sized shed he built at our last house. Stuff was piled up on the floor up to two feet high. Fortunately he has me to dejunk it all ... and by dejunk I do mean ... 'I don't want to go through your stuff; set the shed on fire.'

  3. ;) How're the wedding plans coming, lady?

  4. they're coming great.....starting to roll at pretty good momentum! :) may 28th.....i'd looove for you to be in the states! ;)

  5. Ha, how funny - my sister is getting married June 1st, so I am flying back around that time.


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