Live in Scandinavia Someday

'If you want to make your new year count, you'll need to be intentional - not by setting goals, but by making space in your life for what really matters.' - JEFF GOINS

The jet lag is beginning to wear off and the homesickness becoming less intense, and I am continually reminded of why we're here. We're on an unplanned adventure; or at least - we haven't planned it.

... Which isn't to say I've given up on resolutions; I've got them. You know, things like visit (at least) eight European countries, run a marathon, start an international book club, sponsor a child in Nicaragua, continue to build my etsy, teach Isaac to read.  One of my resolutions, though, was to leave space for the unplanned. To make myself available for whatever it is God wants to do in my life, this year.

Sometimes people ask me why I've come to Denmark and it dawns on me, again, how unusual it is that I'm living here. How unexpected. It never came up on my list of life goals: Live in Scandinavia Someday (not even 'take daily walks in the rain,' which is kind of the same thing).

But truthfully, I know it has something to do with my church. We go to a small, laid-back, multicultural Vineyard here in Roskilde - the kind with coffee breaks and small children underfoot and no dress code. We meet downtown in a yellow house at three pm, and have dinner once a month. In fact, it kind of feels like going to visit your extended family as opposed to going to church. Two things stand out the most: this church is excited about God, and it loves people.

It's been a long time since I've had a church-home like this, and I get the feeling that it's why we're here in Denmark.

Which is a nice thing to know, at the end of the day, when living in a foreign country.



  1. would love to live in scandanavia someday. don't care where, just somewhere there. i have always been fascinated by the culture the countries have and the people, language, food, free-spritesque in some ways. you're definitely a lucky girl!

  2. I feel lucky! And I hope you get your wish. :)


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