Till We Come Back

After several sad goodbyes, roughly twelve hours in the air, 
three planes, four airports, three countries, and more than twenty-six hours without sleep ...

We are back in Denmark, safe and sound, no worse for the wear.

In (somewhat blurry) instagram:

The book I bought in O'Hare.
Basically, our travels went like this:
two new paperbacks,
a disappointing movie,
45 'can I sleep in THIS position'
maneuvers without any luck,
some very-bad-no-good coffee,
and an airport pickup by a good friend.

The outside of the beautiful B&B where we are staying ... until our new apartment is move-in ready. Probably about a week or so.
We have the whole upstairs to ourselves,
and a sort of alternating dinner-making schedule with our hosts.
Which will be fun.

Isaac, finally giving into the jet lag after only sleeping two hours last night. 
He went nuts towards the end and did a lot of unexpected jumping, and then (to my immense relief) crashed.

The new sketch I started working on while he napped.  Soon to be in watercolors, on the etsy. Although I'm rethinking his ear. It looks weird.
The people I'm missing now.
Minus myself and the boys.
Left-to-right, top-to-bottom:
Matt, Sarah, Peter, me, Steph,
Luke, Tim, Lydi, Noah, 
Mom, Dad, Isaac.

And a quote that seemed fitting, since we have a year of Europe between us and home:

There are two ways of getting home, and one of them is to stay there. The other is to walk around the whole world till we come back.  GK Chesterton, Intro to 'The Everlasting Man'

Happy New Year, loves!

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