{ H A P P Y    T H O U G H T S }

A few things about my Thursday:
(pause while I make sure that it is, in fact, Thursday)

Found strawberries in my kitchen this morning.
Finished writing a short story, began another.
Completed some artwork, with time leftover to sketch something new. Just because.
Stumbled across some lovely bohemian blogs to read.
Started up an instagram account on ink361. Give it time; it'll grow.
Took an afternoon walk with the redhead, who, since starting kindergarten,
always holds my hand on walks now.
Waiting for the hubby to get home so I can go running.

Tomorrow, we play hooky ~ and then the weekend: off to Norway!
  More to come about that.

I just love this photo from freepeople.  
You know those pictures that make you feel, well, more you?
Somehow, they describe you, 
and bring into focus the things you love about your life.
That's how I feel about this photo.

{ explore ... bohemian ... roadtrip ... artist ... sunshine }

What are some happy things in your Thursday?


  1. My day is busy as always. Baking today vs. canning.

  2. Happy days :)

    Do you have any advice for writing a short story? I'd love to start but I keep hating everything I type.

  3. Awesome. Watch out for trolls (the real kind, not the internet troublemakers).

  4. that's so sweet that he holds your hands on walks now:)

    and I love what you shared about that picture. Its amazing what the simplest photograph can do<3


( hippies always welcome )