Playing Hooky with the B-day Boy

Today is my babe's 30th birthday ... so we played hooky from all work-related things, all day (minus the 8 a.m. meeting with Isaac's speech therapist).  It's the first day we've had to ourselves - just the two of us - since Christmas, so it was a lot of fun for both of us.  While Isaac was in kindergarten, we took a long walk downtown, visited our favorite coffeehouse for a couple hours, had lunch and mid-day brewskis at a new cafe in Roskilde, and bought a few birthday presents.  Then we picked up the kiddo, cooked up an incredible Italian meal for a small dinner-party with a few friends (and a delicious Botticato Ripasso), followed by a Danish birthday berry pie (with sour cream - don't judge till you've tried it).  

To see more photos of today, see my  Instagram.

Tim's gone off for drinks with some of the boys, so I'm having some wine and chipping away at that list of 80's movies I've never seen (sometimes I love them; sometimes I chalk them up to a cultural experience and have done with it).

Tomorrow we're off on an almost-impromptu, definitely-cheap weekend holiday in Norway.  Photos to come.

H a p p y   B i r t h d a y,   H o n e y !

(I love it that he's 30.  I think it's kind of sexy.)


  1. How fun! All your adventuring reminds me that I need a vacation! Even though I sit at home a do nothing all day! Lol! :D Have fun in Norway! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Blow the air in Norway a kiss for me.

  3. I love sweet things with sour cream, no judgements here! Happy (late) birthday to your husband and I hope you guys had a blast!


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