This is how it went, for the most part:

Sarah tried to take a few family shots today.  
This is how it went.  For the most part.

Isaac with The Hat.  You know how some kids find a hat and, for any given length of time, it becomes a natural extension of their heads?  Well, this one is Isaac's.   Incidentally, it's the first hat he's ever worn willingly.

I made him take it off and he became ASTRO-BOY!  Only, the pouting version.

When he noticed the camera, he immediately slumped over my arm and feigned sleep.

... So I tickled him.  (Like any good mama trying to get her kid to smile for a camera.)

My plan back-fired and he started tickling me.

... And clawing at my arm.  (He has all my bad habits and everything, God help us.)

Then Tim joined in the fun.

So, that was today's photo shoot.


  1. Aw, these turned out AWESOME! The last photo is my favorite! <3

  2. You have the most beautiful freckles and arms and ... everything! Beautiful you..beautiful family.

  3. Beautiful...

    My son has my bad habits too. It's funny, and kind of horrible. :)

  4. Awww that last photo is my favourite..so sweet :)


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