Happy Accidents

Today we had one of those happy accidents wherein you find yourself unexpectedly inspired.  We stopped in at Gimle Cafe, because I love Gimle (it's one of my favorite things about this town), only intending to stay for a quick fifteen minutes and a cup of coffee ...

Gimle's an artsy place with mis-matched armchairs, funky posters, summer programs involving various bands and artists, a multi-cultural volunteer staff, and black paper cranes hanging above the bar.  It caters to a beautifully diverse group of individuals.

Two adorable hippies at the bar (who didn't say I could take their picture).

A gentleman reading a paper by the blackboard.
(Who didn't say I could take his picture.)

Everytime I go in Gimle it reminds me, in full, of how much I want my own coffeehouse.  I can't wait to move back to the States in just over a year and get started.  It's one of those places that makes you feel instantly at home, no matter what country you're visiting, and I want mine to be the same.

While we had drinks (and strawberry short-cake), a Swedish band began running sound check  ...
And after that, I just couldn't leave.

So Sarah and I stayed.  For a couple hours.

Opening act: Evan Burgess!
 A talented musician from England.
Find out more here.

And then...
Ladies and Gentleman (drum roll, please): 
Sister Fay and the Magic Makers!

They were refreshingly original, but if I had to make a comparison, I'd say ... the Weepies (if European) meets Damien Rice (if happy), meets Regina Spektor (if less cryptic, more symmetrical).  Indie, in every beautiful sense of the word.  Plus, who can resist two cellos?

My favorite song was called North of the Northern Hemisphere, and was about how Scandinavian countries don't get enough sunshine.  It made me laugh because ... well, I've been thinking this all along.  (Who hasn't, really.)

Check out the website: SISTER FAY
The new album will be in the making next month; you don't want to miss it.
You can listen to the first album here.

So I told them, in a year or so, when I've got my own coffeehouse, I want them to come.

{I'll keep you posted on that}


  1. [laughing]
    i love how you take so many peoples' pictures. without them knowing.


( hippies always welcome )