The Flensburg Travels, Also Abridged

Otherwise Titled: Long Story Short

As with my Guernsey post, 
I'll be giving you a photo-journal description of last weekend's trip to Germany.

(complete in the sense that I quit editing photos after about sixty-something)

Here is Sarah the Victorious, wearing a hat.
To be perfectly honest, the whole thing happened in search of a hat.  Being of German decent, Sarah seems to have got an extremely large German head - one that is entirely too large to fit American-made hats of any variety.  She tried her best to expand the bands by stuffing socks into them, one after the other, but alas - to no avail.  So she chose the next best option: GERMANY!  Germany must have large hats.

So to Germany we went.  Flensburg, to be exact.
(Disclaimer: If you're German and you read this, Sarah said  - and I quote - "It may be that I have an especially large head even by German standards.")

Flensburg, Germany.
 Three hours one-way by train.

We stayed in the Flensbed Hostel, just near the train station.
It had the most darling little no-space Ikea-decorated bunk-bed room,
and the sweetest little shower ever
(says the girl who showers in the middle of her bathroom,
and who would envy any shower with walls, most likely).

At the Saturday Farmer's Market downtown, looking at scarves. 
... She could've just as easily bought a set of men's wool socks, 
which was the other thing this kiosk had in stock.

If you lived here, you would be home now. 
... Or possibly climbing three or four flights of stairs.

I'm not sure what the story was,
but they had a thing for slinging up shoes on telephone wires,
all across downtown Flensburg.
It reminded me of Michigan and the Infamous Shoe Tree.

Naturally I took more feline photos ...

And also about 300 other photos ...
Canvasing the downtown, residential areas, and Parks of Flensburg.
(Of which there are many, and wherein we got lost.)

This is us chilling at an outdoor cafe 
(we spent a great deal of time doing this, actually),
trying to take a photo of us together with the camera timer.
It didn't turn out so well.
Incidentally, this is not my 'smug' face, as Tim would say.
This is my 'I'm-sleepy, I-found-a-chair-and-a-beer' face.

The view, from various cafes we frequented.

Best beer in the world.  Minus Randall's Patois.  Possibly a tie.

The Flensburg harbor.   
The marina makes my heart happy.
I think I need a boat.

A plaque-less statue in A Park Somewhere (what can I say ... we were lost).
 I will make up an official 'plaque-worthy' explanation for you:

Here lies Brunhilda, who died at sea,
And was carried ashore by heartbroken Albrecht,
the seven-foot tall rough-and-tumble sailor
whose statue does not do him justice in the least,
despite his possibly-yellow galoshes. 
Did not live happily ever after.

... I never said it would be a happy story.  Don't blame me.

A storybook flat, with beautifully painted illustrations ...
and three eye-shaped windows in the roof.
Reminded me of the brothers Grimm.

Me, with the exceptionally tall daisies,
in a graveyard somewhere.

Waiting for our train the following evening,
which didn't come until almost nine p.m.,
wherein we met the nicest Frenchman (whose name we can't remember),
who entertained us for the three-hour ride home.

... The End.


  1. I remember tossing a shoe or two up on lines as a child. It was fun.


    I really loved the yellow house. I think I would be happy living there.

    Thanks for the great photos. As I am living vicariously through your travels it really helps to see where I was this past weekend. Ha!


  2. Hi Lauren, I just discovered your blog and had to tell you I love it, it's very pretty. I love your heading/banner photo, it's gorgeous. I write a blog too, called You May Say I'm a Dreamer. Also, I'm a teeny bit jealous that you live in Denmark - I've heard that they are the happiest people in the world. I love living in New Zealand, but if I could live anywhere else, I think it would be Denmark... or Guernsey - I loved that book and plan to visit in 2014!
    Sarah xo


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