The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

This morning I stood at my kitchen window (while making coffee, of course), and watched a tiny red squirrel with tufts for ears crawl into a hole.  Naturally the hole was some kind of vent in the roof of the opposite building, which, incidentally, is just like my building. The good news is, I no longer think those strange nibbling and scurrying noises I hear at night are my neighbors.  At this point I probably should not admit that I periodically imagine them dawning Sendak-inspired Wild Thing costumes, prancing about into the wee hours, and gnawing at pipes and things.  (And if you think that's awkward, try running into them during the day and realizing - with shock, no less - that they actually look quite human!)  Oddly enough, this imaginary ballet frightens me much less than The Thing That Lived in My Attic in Georgia (you can read about it here and here).  Whatever that thing was, I would've happily traded it in for a nice little family of fuzzy red squirrels.

... with tufts for ears.

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  1. i LOVED those things! i want one. so cute. :D :D they have the same color hair as isaac. my pictures all sucked though, they are hard to capture...

  2. Aw beautiful unfortunately I live in the country where grey squirrels have taken over but I used to have one in my garden ~ miss you nutkin ;-)

  3. aaah so cute! and such a sweet story:) one time i was laying on my bed and seriously watched a squirrel eat a nut for almost ten minutes. my eyes could not look away! it was the cutest, most random thing i'd ever seen:)

    thanks for making me smile today! happy to find your blog through sweet charla beth:)


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