Monday Amenities Post 13


A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.
... Frank Capra ...


Catherine Campbell Portfolio.
I love this artist.
(see above illustration)


I am currently reading the Flavia de Luce Book 4: I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (said the Lady of Shalott ... the title alone should bring thrills to all Tennyson and Anne-with-an-E enthusiasts).  I started it last night and I could hardly put it down long enough to write this post.  For the rest of the week (or until I've finished), I'll be perfectly useless.  All that to say ... you simply must read it.

Other blog posts pertaining to this beloved series:


Plumber Bookshelves.
Must have this in the coffeehouse. 


Beaded Bubble Wands.
I just think they're pretty.
Could be fun for a picnic, or a beach wedding.

Swallow Mobile.

An entire website filled with tree-houses, boat-houses, green homes, and urban design.
May I just say: SQUEEEEEE !


 My latest obsession is Walk off the Earth.
{ I love them }
Especially the Gotye cover that got over a-bajillion you-tube views.
{ I'm listening to it right now, actually }


I made a new Pinterest board 
(because clearly I need to spend MORE time on that site).
You should check it out:

So Apparently I Have A Mild Chair Obsession

It snowed last night, so naturally I just found a bunch of summer clothing that I want and need (need being used in the loosest sense of the word).  For example:

(Again with the link thing, people.  How am I supposed to spend money I don't have on a bathing suit I don't need if I don't know where it's from?  The eternal question yet again!)
(And speaking of shoes, aren't these the ugliest shoes you've ever seen?  
They look like they were made by a rhinestone-obsessed llama who hates feet.)
(which I will never own because I need other things ... like a car.)

A web-comic series written by three singularly funny guys
obsessed with sandwiches.
Be prepared to waste considerable time here.

Two final thoughts before you leave:

 and also :

... Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn ...

Happy Monday!


  1. I love the plumbers bookshelf! I must have it!

    As for the tree houses and green houses etc etc...I am happily bookmarking that site so I can go back and drool over it as often as I can. Why does everything have to be so expensive......


  2. the plumber's bookshelves...
    oh my.

  3. That plumber's bookshelf is BADASS. Love it. Great links, as always.

  4. According to the Urban Dictionary website the term 'chair fetish' is not yet named. I highly doubt that, but here's your chance to make history!

  5. Those "book shelves" are amazing! They have a rustic, yet modern feel to them!

    Apparently there is a "hotel" that is a tree house in Arkansas. Needless to say, I'm dying to go stay there. It just looks so incredibly magical! :).


( hippies always welcome )