• There is something living my ceiling (a goblin, if you must know).  One minute it's huge, bumping into things and making a hell of a lot of noise (over my head, whilst I try and sleep, no less) - and then VAVOOM!  It's tiny and flies!  I know; I can hear it.  It spastically flies through the rafters (if rafters there be), accompanied by a high pitched squealing noise sort of like a fork scraping across a chalk board. 

  • Perhaps there's a menagerie living in the ceiling, you suggest.  But I'm ignoring you.  I can only handle one goblin at a time.  You understand.

  • I hate it when people say "I'm sorry if I offended you," especially when I just informed them that I am, in fact, offended.  The point of such a comment is not to actually apologize, but rather to avoid offering a heartfelt apology where a non-committal one might suffice (I know; I've used it myself).  Translation: I'm sorry you are offended.  Can't imagine why, though (it's certainly not my fault).

Take a look-see:

(see? identical)

And that's what I thought about tonight. 
Just in case you were wondering . . .


  1. they are absolutely identical. did goldie do that dog's voice-over??

  2. Bahaha! Lauren I love you. ;)

    And yes-- I do recall Goldie breaking out into a chorus of "He's a tramp" somewhere durig Overboard...Kurt Russel was asking for it; he doesn't comb his hair. :P

    I vote you name the Goblin Christopher Columbus...then whenever you hear something you don't like, you can be like Jo and randomly shout, "Christopher Columbus!" ...cause that's normal. :P

    hmmm just noticed your Weepies quote under you and Tim. <3

  3. I don't Ayla - I'll go check! That would make sense, although the song is originally by Bette Midler.

    Christopher Columbus, Chloe! You look like a porcupine! (I didn't know you guys liked the old Little Women - the one with Elizabeth Taylor? Amy is such a brat in their version, but Jo makes up for it with her . . . weirdness).

    Just looked it up - Peggy Lee did the voice-over for Peg, Darling, and Si and Am. Talented woman - none of them sound anything alike!

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  5. Truly entertaining snippets. Keep them coming they make me smile and yes, Goldie Hawn does look like the dog from Lady and the tramp.

  6. hahaha

    "great experience, dude! thanks for this great

    Articles wow... it's very wonderful report."

    that's what i was going to say!

  7. I think I noticed the correlation when I was little... Maybe?

    They were both popular at about the same time, so I think its no accident :)

  8. Too funny! I will never look at Goldie the same. And I too, recall using that non-committal form of I'm sorry. Sadly, I am sure that I have used it more than a few times. While I think I have learned my lesson, hopefully, I am glad you reminded me. A thought to slip into the subconscious.

  9. Thanks James. Same here - I'm sure I'll use it again. It's the perfect defiant, heh, you may force me to apologize but I won't really give you what you want (insert maniacal laugh here).

  10. The more I read your blog, the more I discover how alike we are :) I had the same thought about Goldie & Peg during one of the endless viewings of Lady and the Tramp (my girls favorite show for about a month).


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