Oh, How Pinteresting!

{... A post about many things ... and nothing in particular.}

(... no reason, really)

First things first, my internet is down and I'm not sure when it'll be up and running again.  Actually, allow me to rephrase that: we don’t have internet yet.  We have been trying to get the internet since November 1st and apparently have yet to succeed (this is a prescheduled post).

When we moved into the new apartment, the Telia people brought us a router and hooked it up themselves.  We used it for a couple weeks, and then one day, for whatever reason, it stopped working.  When we called the company to ask why it was down, they said, "I'm sorry, we have no record of you using the internet with us."   (They actually said this.)  Then they sent us another router. (?)  I was positive that when we returned from holiday in the States, there would be a pile of fifteen to twenty routers sitting outside our apartment door.  Fortunately I was wrong.

Instead, we arrived home to find ourselves still internetless.  Upon calling Telia to ask why, they said, "Something must be wrong.  We'll have to book a technician to come to your apartment.  It'll be February 15th (or sometime next November)."  FEBRUARY 15TH?  I think not!  I work online.  I write these stupid blog posts for you, online.  I keep in touch with friends and family, online.   Also, Pinterest is online!  And in case you hadn't noticed, Pinterest has taken over my brain.  I can't possibly give up pinning until February!

... So we are looking into other options.

In the mean-time ... We finally bought some furniture.  We got a gray Ikea couch, a white Ikea table, two wooden Ikea benches, an Ikea rug, Ikea bed posts, and an Ikea down comforter all for the low low price of about $200! And that's entirely due to the Danish government and this wonderful little thing called Family Allowance (we are officially an Ikea Family now).  Of course, since we have yet to actually buy homey things (pictures, candles, plants, a small dog named Cyrus, what-have-you), it still looks like we just moved in yesterday.  At some point, that uber-white apartment will get some color in it.

This couch is as Ikea as it gets.

Tonight we will build our pallet-board coffee table.  
I'll let you know how that goes.

In other news, Isaac has started calling his dad Tim and has reverted back to called me Daddy.  I don't think this could possibly be construed as a positive change, although, technically, it is my fault.  Sometime last weekend, I taught Isaac to say "Tim!  Move your butt!" (stupid, I know), and ever since then he's been saying Tim.  This is somewhat embarrassing for Tim in public.  Fortunately, if Isaac has anything really important to say, he seems to think it carries more weight if he whispers it (?).  He is forever pulling my head down to his mouth, and saying things like "HOUSE! BOAT! CAR!" and "PIE!"  By which he means pirate, but for some reason he never quite finishes the word.  The main thing is, he got the pie part down.  Also it's nice that he finally graduated from wanting to be an elephant to wanting to be a pirate.  He makes this little pirate hook with his first finger and says, "AAARGH, a pie!"  Which is just ... darling.

Yes, I will use any reference to my kid to post photos of him.

And now onto the final topic of business ... Danish candy.  The word ewwww comes to mind.  For all you Danish people who saw my Facebook posting about this (particularly Solvej and Mikael), you can stop reading now.  If you don't, bear in mind that a) you were forewarned, b) I may draw yet another connection between Scandinavian confections and urinal cakes, and c) I do not particularly like American candy either.

This is a picture of Danish candy:

Here is another.  I have labelled this one for you:

Now let me just ask, based on looks alone ... why would anyone ever want to eat this?  And by the way, they do taste like they look.  It's like they can't decide what they want to be when they grow up, but I think it's a tie between seaweed, rubber, and some kind of mold.

(Don't get mad; I told you to stop reading and you didn't.)

One final thing ... here's a photo of Tim's face while eating Danish candy:

If you're still not convinced, you can come visit me and see for yourself.


  1. What a cute post and I love the photos. That's cool about the pricing because of the Danish gov. Gotta love ikea


  2. Hee hee...I love your labeled candy picture. Especially since you used the word poo in it. I'm incredibly immature, by the way.

  3. dude. the "bottom of shoe" one totally looks like a cock ring.

    i'm sorry but it's my job to make awkward statements and then run.

  4. ohmaGOSH that candy looks horrid.

    the ikea finds, and the total? i am so drooling right now over that deal. holy crap.

  5. Blech, that looks like the candy you get from the creepy old people at Halloween. Go buy some chocolate!


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