Monday Amenities Post 10

... A Creative Link-List ...

Elaine Hughes


Visual Story Collages by Elaine Hughes.
I love-love-love her work.  


 So I found where I am going to stay when I visit Sweden.
How wild is that.

A bit sad but kind of cool to see all the same ...
Imagine what you could do with these fixer-uppers, 
if you only had the time and money.

(And you weren't forever jaded by the very first fixer-upper you bought in your twenties.  You know, that little asbestos house you wanted in the that hell-hole of a town despite the fact that you didn't have the time or money to put into it,and it ended up having way more problems than you could possibly ever imagine, and then the economy failed, and you turned into Walter Fielding and almost died.  That one.)


A darling little style blog by Emerald.
She dresses up and models all her own things!


We've hit the mother-load of free paper links!
- envelopes, cards, tags, labels, etc.

- paints poured from coffee cups to create a funky design.
The thought of pouring and flinging paints around appeals to my inner child.


Ink and watercolor designs!  
I like her world maps and fashion illustrations. 


They make me want to cry.
If ya know what I mean.


(sounds gross but looks yummy ... 
In a 'Hey it's midnight how about some Waffle House' kind of way)  

I think I need to eat this.


I want to live in this
Doesn't it look like the ideal getaway?
I told Tim I was going to need one of my own, 
and he said he could build it in a week.
If only I had some sunny acreage lying around ...

Then I told Tim I would also need to live
Because who could pass that up.
I will just never be satisfied with a normal home
- they're just entirely unappealing if they aren't in trees or have wheels
or sit smack-dab in the middle of a sun deck!
Have a nice little hut with your porch, why don't ya?

Tim's response: 'It's a good thing you're cute.'

(that's what the article is called. 
I don't actually like all of these floors.)


Here's a useful guest-post by Chez Spud
A whistlestop tour on basic photography tips.


Behati Prinsloo, wearing The Perfect Tie-Dye Dress Ever.
Why is it that whenever I find my ideal clothing,
some Namibian model is wearing it.
Life isn't fair.


A mini battery-operated Volkswagen with built in amplifier and speakers.
You just set it on a stationary record and it plays the thing!

Just thought I'd take a little poll.
Do you like these Creative Linky-List Posts?
Should I keep making them?


  1. the abandoned houses makes me want to buy a fixer upper - God forbid.

    also love the printables link!

  2. I love that little tie dye dress regardless of the Namibian model. Rompers are fun too....

    I could do fixer-uppers except the last one I bought has taken me 8 years to complete. I am sick of painting and drywall dust. Maybe next year.

    I LOVE the linky list posts. Esp. the free paper one. Woo Hoo! Now just find me one for stickers that I can customize. Ha!


  3. That little record player...Oh, I want want want one so bad! Yes, I'm throwing a bit of a tantrum. Sorry. I just took my all my mom's old vinyl out of storage and I don't have a record player. This would be perfect! I can't wait to go check out the other links, esp. the abandon houses and the visual story collages. I'm actually excited to just sit and drink coffee and look at all the cool stuff you worked so hard to connect us to in this post. Thank you! My vote, of course, is that you keep the monday amenities posts coming. I know they must be a lot of work, though. Maybe you could cut back to twice a month if they're too time consuming and you're not seeing much feedback. I just love 'em though! Okay, I'll shut up now. Hope you're having a great week! :)

  4. Oh, and I just have to add that I ♥♥♥ the little pond house. It really is perfect! I also dream of an Airstream life. Here's to dreaming of an unconventional life while trying to maintain stability! I'm still figuring out how to do that. Okay, I promise I'm really done now.

  5. did you ACTUALLY just post a link for fitness......?!?!?
    are you kidding me.


    going to check out all your awesome links.
    and after that, after i talk to my boyfriend on his half hour lunch break till 12, i'm going to check out that fitness link and do some exercise. :P you dang inspiring person, you. lol

  6. What a perfect idea for a post! I especially want to visit 101 Free Pretty Printables! I'm a fiend for that stuff!


( hippies always welcome )