This morning I woke up bright and early.  Then I checked my clock and what I assumed was seven in the morning actually turned out to be 1:30 in the afternoon.  That's what a nice dose of jet lag will do to a person.

You can imagine my bewilderment when a mere two hours later, the sky went black outside - a lovely little reminder that yes, I am back in Denmark.

Despite the fact that I was fully aware it would go dark halfway through the day, I did sort of feel like the universe was playing tricks on me.  After three solid weeks of autumnish weather and semi-sunshine in Georgia, the icy winds and overcast atmosphere in Denmark makes me feel like some kind of scientific study six hours ahead of her own schedule.

The day officially began when I walked into my living room and had a panic attack.  Mommy's Little Helper had woken up an hour before and decided it would be most useful if he did the unpacking.  So I spent the entire day untangling The Mess that was my apartment (literally and figuratively.  The kiddo got ahold of my craft box and wound up the entire house in a nice little knot of yarn.  Luckily he also tied himself up in the process so I didn't have to bother with him all day ... kidding, I untied him right after dinner).

I played The Paper Kites and finished unpacking.

I unpacked all the clothes.
I unpacked the books I brought with me from the storage unit, despite the fact that I have read them hundreds of times before and may not read them again while living here.  It just feels more like home having them with me.
I unpacked The Gilmore Girls and turned them on in the background.  (LORELAI: But what is a Danish without coffee?  RORY: The eternal question springs up again!)
I unpacked the stained glass pieces my aunt made for me and hung them in the doorway leading out to the back porch.
I unpacked the Christmas gifts and Isaac's toys and my paintbrushes and a little bronze turtle and a string of paper cranes.
And I unpacked the photos I had printed over the holidays.  Including this one:

{ Noah, Isaac, me, Sarah, Steph, Matt, Tim, Luke, Mom, Dad, Peter, Lydia }

And then I felt sad because I'm here and they're there.

Speaking of ... A mere eleven hours after arriving back in Denmark, Isaac showed me a picture of my parent's house, whispered "Outside, car, go home" in my ear, got dressed, packed his little toy bag, and went and stood next to the front door and waited there for a good half hour.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that we probably won't go back until next Christmas.

... I'm just going to pretend that's not true.


  1. Aww, poor little Isaac :( I hope you guys get back into the swing of Denmark soon!

  2. wov you, Lauren. <3

    by the way, I may or may not Skype to rant about wedding plans sometime. they say there's no such thing as a simple wedding, and I think it may be because, no matter how small you make it, weddings are when you have to fess up to the friends who don't get along, the aunt who never had time for you, and the mother-and-law who's not currently on speaking terms with either parents, and even if she were, we can't have her come. cause her ex-husband might be coming.

    can I get an "AAAAAAAAAH!" ? :P

    but anyway. I don't know what the postage is like to send a real hug to Denmark, so here ((((((((((you))))))))))


  3. so sweet Isaac soon....take a deep breath everything will settle. Happy New Year!

  4. awwww. that last part gets me. :\
    there's nothing like it. :(

  5. Noah really liked that scarf/hat combo gift huh? I think in every picture you have posted from Christmas he is wearing them - not to mention we met and ate random food...and over all, that picture makes me smile. It was fantastic to see you (twice!). Have fun making Denmark and unforgettable adventure that you'll miss when its over.

  6. Home sick sucks!!! Cute family photo!

    And this post just reminds me of what a nerd my sister is! Her daughter's name is Laureli and Ruari.... Different spelling (Irish spelling of Ruari), but pretty clear where she got it from!

  7. (((hugs))) homesickness sucks, hope you guys feel a little better soon :)

    {and you should totally come over to North Wales for a visit ;) }

  8. (((hugs))) homesickness sucks, hope you guys feel a little better soon :)

    {and you should totally come over to North Wales for a visit ;) }


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