They Understand About Yams And Such

Hello world.  Why yes I am up late.  Painting a bookshelf, wall-papering two ugly doors with Dorothy Sayers (Busman's Honeymoon - read it - and before you ask, you, I did not rip up the little library you gave me last Christmas  ... I used a different copy), having a cheap bottle of disgustingly sweet white wine (never will I buy Piesporter Michelsberg again), and writing a blog post. ... When what I really should be doing involves a big, messy, donor-data boilerplate.  But more to the point - I am too excited to sleep (or stare at data)!

In just a few short hours I get to see my childhood friend Ayla (What? Mermaids?), and meet another lovely American currently living in Norway - Rachael (Over Wood and Waste).  My first Americans in months!

... This is just me gloating over here.
From Whence The Bear Heads Came (Where'nst?)
(Yes, I am shamelessly exploiting this blog to post photographs of people who may or may not be childhood friends or even American, for that matter.  Weirder still, they are wearing huge bear heads ... No idea.  I should always have wine while blogging, yes?)

We are going to trek all over this island, see what there is to see, take lots of photographs, and drink better wine, that's for sure.

Also, coming soon: Thanksgiving Dinner in Denmark - football-less, canned cranberry sauce-less, and puny steroid-free 9 lb. turkeys!  Thank God for American friends who understand about yams and such, and new Danish friends who will tolerate weird American traditions.  Deep-fried turkeys aside. 

(P.S. Should I tell them it is an American tradition to wear a large feather head-dress and do a turkey dance before the meal?  I think yes.)

This should be fun.

But before I go, let me toss in A Cathartic Rant: WHAT THE #$%$&^ IS WRONG WITH DANISH INTERNET?  It makes me want to scream ... amongst other things.  I will spend the rest of my life sitting here, trying to post.

... Still here.

... Still here.

... Still here. 

.... I'm going to need more wine.

.... This isn't worth it.


  1. Enjoy time with your friends!

    Ha, and I think you should DEFINITELY make them wear a large feather head dress! Love your imagination!

  2. Actually credit for that idea goes to my friend Sarah Engel. She isn't as mean as she sounds. :)

  3. So exciting that you'll get to see Ayla! I know you guys will have so much fun.

  4. my favorite is the bear head people...lol.

    sounds like an interesting thanksgiving to be sure! :D

  5. Ah, I love the 'What, Mermaids' blog...hope you guys had a great great time....most of my best friends live far away too, so can relate to the excitment of those deep connections being physcially close.


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