Copenhagen and Dread-Heads

Sorry to disappear on you.  A little update:
Our Danish Thanksgiving was a huge success; 
we will probably do it again next year.

On Saturday, my dread-head house-guests and I explored Copenhagen.
Thank God Rachael is directionally-savvy, because I am not.  
And Ayla was a wee bit jet-lagged.
We did not get lost once.

We saw downtown, the canal, and Freetown Christiania. 

I didn't take many photographs.
Other than photographs of Ayla and Rachael, taking photographs.
Like above: meet Gustav the Walrus.
Rachael takes him on all her travels.

And then we went home.

We've spent all our evenings chilling on pillows on the living room floor,
with indie play-lists, candles, wine, 
and lots and lots of what the Danish people call hygge.
Or what Rachael would call cozy.
{ It's so great to be with a few fellow Americans. }

Ayla and I spent today hanging out in our favorite Roskilde coffeehouse,
because they have the best atmosphere and arm-chairs and tea.
In fact, we're still here.
And have no intention of leaving anytime soon.


(For better, more-detailed photographs of this weekend,
visit Rachael or Ayla's blog in the near future).

P.S. My Monday Amenities Post may be a Tuesday post this week.  
Just so ya' know.  


  1. Glad you guys are having so much fun! Say Hi to Ayla for me please :)

  2. Looks like you all are having a blast. Glad your holiday is going so well.


  3. Lovely photos!


  4. Woo that sounds like fun! I love hearing that you are still at the cafe!

  5. Looks like it was fun...I am so directionally challenged as well. I drive about alot but I never really pay attention to road names, etc so even though I live in a small town, I still don't know where half the places are, ha ha...and drop me in the middle of Toronto and I don't know if I am going north, south, west or east...even when I can see the cn tower, ha ha!


( hippies always welcome )