Monday Amenities Post 3


(Is this really the third Monday Amenities blog post?  I can't remember.)

I've got all sorts of wonderful things to share this week.  
You are in for a treat.

Confession: Organizing these weekly link-lists makes me feel like my head might explode from the sheer creativity of it all.  There is simply far too much to see and do and make in this world!  The endless inspiration is maddening!  This must be The Artist's Biggest Predicament ... other than the other thing.  You know, about starving because you can't afford to feed yourself.  That's also a bit problematic.

Eh.  Who needs food.  


(probably goes without saying, but everything in bold is a link, so click away)

ART: Valerie Roybal Art + Design.  She makes collages out of vintage, salvaged, and layered materials.  I love the sheer freedom of this art style.  Also, take a look at Brooks Shane Salzwedel's Portfolio.  A mesmerizing collection.  My favorite pieces are Unphased and Flight and Sail.

ARCHITECTURE: If you know me well, it should come as no surprise that I'm posting a tree house under this category.  The Tree House of Hyeres ... which was either designed by Ethan Hayes-Chute and Jean-Paul Lespagnard ... or they just took some cool photos of it (?)  Either way, it's the funkiest house ever.

Tangent ... Although I must admit I do not understand their aesthetic motto: “...self-sufficiency, self-preservation and self-exclusion as models for living.”  What does this mean?  (Thoreau would know, I'm sure.)  How does one go about cultivating self-preservation and self-exclusion at the same time?  Is it something like ... I'm going to build this house in order to survive the elements (self-preservation), but occasionally I will lock myself out of it on purpose (self-exclusion). Because by all means, if they think they need to exclude themselves from it, I am more than willing to occupy it for them.  Squatters have a much more sensible slogan: You let me live on your land, and I will also eat your food.  Just saying.

BLOGS: Have you visited my  lovely sponsor's blogs?  If not, you are really missing out.  So go here:

* The Flowerchild Dwelling
* The Enchanted Pixie
* To Make Love Stay
* Mermaid Tracks


* Succulent Garden.  

I am loving these, especially because I can't kill them off as easily as other less-fortunate house plants (the kind that need watered regularly).  Speaking of succulents, this blog has some funky ideas for planting your own little garden.  Notice the mosaic wall they embedded with tea-cups and used as porcelain mini-planters (!)  

ETSY: Check out this little Gosh and Golly shop.  They have some wonderfully whimsical mobiles. 


* Butternut Squash Lasagna (keep scrolling - the recipe is there, I promise).
* Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili with Goat Cheese (a little different, I know).
* Last but not least, you must read the foodie blog called What Katie Ate.  There are some really yummy pictures here that make me wish I was Katie's husband.  Or something. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: I'm really loving  Amelia Lyon's work.  She makes life look like art.  Like this:

STYLE: Otherwise titled ... Things I Would Wear ...

* Knitted Mustard Sweater.  Hands down, the best sweater I've ever seen. 
* Racerback Wrap Dress.  Love, love, love (so naturally it's out of stock).
* Piperlime Boots.  I have had dreams about these boots.
* Navajo Boho Bag.  If I were a squatter, this would be my bag.

MUSIC: ... The song that is stuck in my head ... Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, from the movie Once.  (Seriously, if you haven't seen this independent film and you love music, you simply must.  Go watch it.)

MY NEW PINTEREST BOARD - THE OCCASIONAL FELINE.  I recently noticed I've been pinning lots of cat photographs (because I love cats), so I made a new pinboard specifically for them.  Speaking of cats, have you heard of Savannah Cats?  Someday (when I win a small fortune) I'm going to buy one.

Okay, I'm out.  Till next week!


  1. i'm a wee bit obsessed with this post...that flight and sail piece is absolutely breath-taking, amelia lyon's photography is STUNNING and i, too, want one of those cats. :)

  2. OMG I want a tree house! JUST LIKE THAT! That would be just lovely.

    I also am loving these posts. I am off to print out a butternut squash receipe. Mmm that looks so so good eh?


  3. I see my blog! And great links! :)

  4. i've discovered amelia lyon's work before....so wonderful!

    and that house? kinda awesome. oh my.

  5. I love the tree house! Fun post once again.

  6. Oh goodness where do I start!?

    I've been dying to go stay in a Tree House, and that house is incredible!

  7. Thanks everybody. Yes, that tree house is .... stunning. I think I will build one someday.


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