Monday Link Love : All Things Artsy

Painting:  You must take a look at Chris Appelhans' Portfolio if you haven't seen it yet.  My favorites are Sandcreek and Fall

Silver-Smithing:  I love Tru.Che's Etsy, particularly The World/United States of Love necklaces - like this one.  Sad to say, UO stole her design earlier this year.  That makes me heart-sick, but she's a trooper and still makes custom state necklaces.  Georgia is on my wish-list.

Music:  My sister Sarah is in the Josh Joseph band and you can now purchase their album, When The Morning Comes.  Listen to Dance With Me - that's my sister!!!

DIY Tutorials:  1) Sailor's Knot Bracelet 2)  Felted Dryer Balls (eco-friendly way to save energy) 3) Making Sweater Bags.

Photography:  I like this article by A Beautiful Mess about taking self-portraits.  With any luck, this will keep me from making my fake-smile-face in all blog photos.

Food:  I want to try these recipes -  Spinach salad with a hot blackberry walnut dressing, and creamy squash soup.  Yummm.

Knitting:  You've probably heard of Knitta Please before, but I'm behind-the-times so bear with me.  I just read this fascinating article about them.  Quote: The Knitta Please Crew travels around the world, stitching up everything from street signs or popular landmarks to an entire bus. You may have seen similar things in local venues.  People are stitching up their home-towns!   
... For some reason.

Crochet:  Speaking of, have you also seen The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project?  You can make Satellite Reefs within your own community - which is kind of funky-cool, if you ask me.  Like a modern-day quilting bee.

From the Latvian Reef, by Dagnija Griezne.


  1. SOOOO much to love here, thanks.

  2. The squash soup sounds wonderful. I think I will have to give that a whirl.


  3. So many artsy things! I love those custom state necklaces, have been meaning to snag one for myself!

  4. i have so many tabs open in my firefox browser, thankyouverymuch :)

    mmmm, squash soup! we have a few butternut on the counter.....i should use those.... :)

  5. by the way, love, i listened to that clip of Dance With Me [one of my favorite Jesus Culture songs] ....amazing! so beautiful :)

  6. What a great idea! I need to do one of these! Also, I LOVE your new blog button!


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