Stranger Things Have Happened

We got up bright and early this morning (can you say bright if it was actually overcast?).  

First things first, the bathroom floor was warm.  Normally it’s like an ice-box in there but Tim found the heater button and wala!  What a lovely Saturday morning surprise.

This was followed by a chilly stroll to visit a complete stranger and his family (add that to your list of Inexpensive Weekend Activities).  And before you ask, no we did not just barge into a random house and make ourselves at home (although I’ve always thought this would be an uncommonly funny experience).

A mutual friend hooked us up.  It went something like this: they’re getting rid of furniture, we’re in need of furniture – there you go.  As it happens, they’re letting us have a little blue sofa (ain’t that sweet?).  Of course the whole thing was incredibly awkward because … 

Isaac threw up in their house.  On Tim.  So that was nice – a couple of soaked and stinky boys standing in a stranger’s bathroom.  Naturally this was the one time I did not bring extra clothes for them.  

Of course, Isaac nearly lost it.  He hates to have anything amiss on his person.  He kept trying to roll his wet pant legs up to his waist and they simply refused to go that high.  (I always worried I’d have a kid who likes tucking his pants into his socks.  It never occurred to me he might try to tuck them up.)  Since that didn’t work, he just held them with his hand and sort of waddled around.  

And then the nice, nice stranger offered to drive us home in his nice, nice car (so our child wouldn’t waddle all the way … ee ii ee ii o?).  Lucky for us, Isaac did not throw up in it.

After that we went to the bakery and the farmer’s market …

Where I got a proposal from a man wearing a knight’s costume (with headset).  I couldn’t see his face or understand what he was saying, but he took my hand and knelt in the street.  So I said, “I don’t speak Danish.”  

And eventually he gave my hand back.

Then, as if this day weren’t weird enough, the yeti thing happened.

From the beginning: We were standing in line at the store, and I started describing a scene from the movie About A Boy (what else).  You know, the part when the boy hooks his weird mother up with Hugh Grant’s character (Will), and there’s a voice-over of their thoughts.  The boy is thinking: If mum is going to get Will to marry her, she’ll have to quit making jokes.  At least she looks good.  I had her put on that nice hairy jumper.  

And Will is thinking: The kid seems to think this is a date.  As for his mum, she is clearly insane.  And appears to be wearing some kind of Yeti costume.

… And then I looked up and realized why I had unconsciously started describing That. Particular. Scene. Our cashier was actually wearing a furry-jumper-yeti-type thing

I’m 99.9% sure she heard me.

So that was awkward.

And now I’m safely back in my house, hiding from the world.

Kidding.  I’m actually about to leave.  I sincerely hope this day doesn’t get any weirder because my dreams can’t handle it.  They’ll be weird enough as it is, what with the medieval headgear, the yeti’s, the crying cashier, and The Incredible Waddling Isaac.


  1. Hahaha oh man, what a strange day indeed! Loved reading about it :)

  2. I’m pretty new at this place and adore the design, could you let me know me where you bought this theme? You can contact me on my e-mail…looking forward to hear from you

  3. Thanks Caitlin! It was a weird day.

    Anonymous: You didn't leave an email addy? This blog layout is actually my own design. If you know someone who is handy with html, you can practically make your blogspot page anything you want!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a day! SO funny! I laughed my ass off the whole way through this post. :D


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