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Apartment-related: October is almost at an end, which means ... moving time!  The current tenants of our soon-to-be apartment will leave this weekend, and we can pick up the key on Monday afternoon.  Technically we're supposed to be out of the vacation rental on Monday morning, but we're getting an extension because the new place will need cleaned, painted, and re-cleaned (as mandated by my obsessive-compulsive-disorder) before we launch Isaac on it.

Blog-related: Someone told me that I should get a twitter account to boost my blog growth.  So I did.  And I've got to tell you, I don't think I get the scope of the thing.  What do I do now? ... Also blog-related: I am now looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please see my sponsor page.

Art-related:  I'm working on something new.  I can't tell you what it is until I've finished, but I hope to have the prints up for sale by January (!).  I'm really loving this project so far.

Danish-related: I'm including a few Danish phrases in this post so you can fully appreciate what a tongue-twisting time we've been having.  Just some basic introductory stuff in no particular order (see below).  Notice I've linked each phrase to Google Translate so you can listen to the audio clips.  (Which may or may not be correct, but definitely sound better than I do.)

Undskyld.  Hvad hedder du?  ... Excuse me.  What is your name?
Jeg hedder _____.  ... My name is _____.
Hvor kommer du fra?  ... Where are you from?
Jeg kommer fra USA.  ... I come from the US.
Jeg er dansker.  Hvad med dig?   ... I am Danish.  What about you?
Jeg er amerikaner.  ... I am American.
Kan du tale dansk?  ...  Can you speak Danish?
Nej,  det kan jeg ikke (because it makes me sound stupid).  ... No, not at all.
Hvordan går det?  ...  How are you?
Fint, tak, og du?  ...  Fine, thanks, and you?
Det er jeg ked af. ... I'm sorry. 
Den gule ænder sad i græsset.  ...  The yellow duck sat in the grass.

(In case we happen to see a yellow duck sit in the grass and feel the need to tell someone).

... So there you have it.


  1. Twitter: still don't know what to tell you. I keep forgetting I have it... I don't know what to do. I guess its like facebook in that you just read, but you don't really get to comment- you get to reply.... I think.... Ugh, I'm the worst person to give advice on this! I just do it and hope it works!

    I love your new button! Taking it!

  2. Twitter is fun! It's mainly just another way to gain stalkers.

    Excited about your new art project!

  3. Oh yes and I like your new blog button too!

  4. Good luck with Twitter, I love it!

    BTW, not sure if you're interested in doing a sponsor swap, but I'd love to do one if so! You can email me at tomakelovestay at gmail dot com. <3

  5. Thanks Caitlin! What is sponsor swap, exactly?


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