The Birthday Boy

Today my kid turned four.

Today my kid turned four.

This is the last time, I promise: 

Today my kid turned four.

It may sink in by this time next year.

To celebrate, Isaac decided to wake up at about 4 AM.  He spent the next couple hours racing matchbox cars (on me), building the tower of Pisa out of library books (on the bed, beside me), generously distributing all of the toys and clothing across the floor, and then peeing on it because I forgot to unlock the door so he could use the bathroom (I was trying to sleep).

It was a fun morning.

We spent the entire day doing the things he likes best:

We started out with buying a hindbaer snitter in the bakery (by the way, hindbaer means raspberry.  I originally thought it was referring to a certain type of pastry, but someone thankfully corrected me so I could stop asking the employees for a raspberry raspberry snitter.  No wonder they always look amused when I order).

Then we went to the library for a bit, and left with a brand-new stack of books and movies.  (I make up  somewhat inconsistent stories for the books that are written in Danish, which is probably why Isaac doesn't like looking at them with me.)  I think I've finally got the self check-out system down, which is a relief because it usually takes me upwards of twenty minutes just to borrow ten items.  (You'd think the "Press two for English" option would make things easier for me, but surprisingly it doesn't.  Don't read too much into that.)

The rest of the day went something like this: Fed the pond seagulls, had lunch (which consisted of pbj's and veggies but ended up mostly being chocolate milk), colored (or intended to; he spent most of the time removing and redistributing pen caps), played hide and seek (there are three places to hide in this apartment, but, surprisingly, he still wanted to play for an hour), went to the park, fed the ducks (entire pieces of bread at a time; Isaac doesn't believe in bite-size), played with Oscar in the creek (who was smart and wore rain gear), went home and changed out of sopping wet shoes, visited two toy stores (picked out a model car and a toy gun, like any good American boy), had dinner (which consisted of rice and chicken but ended up mostly being peanut m&m's), got a call from auntie Lydia and uncle Luke (and laughed hysterically for an hour while he pretended to shoot them with his new gun), watched a cartoon, fell asleep mid-movie.

I am exhausted.  (If this post doesn't make sense, it's because I need sleep.)

And all I can think of is that line from Gilmore Girls where Rory says: He must've been a good boy to deserve such a happy day!  I bet they let him ride a pony.

... I love my baby.


  1. I cannot believe it has been four years! Such a precious little boy! He has changed SO much since you all left, it's amazing.

  2. Wooowwwww. That's crazy. Happy birthday to the little man~



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