The Saturday Evening Post

Isaac and Dandelion #45 *
Today was a beautiful sunny Saturday with clear skies - a bit on the chilly side until mid-day when it ... didn't get warmer.  It tried really hard, though.  So that's what matters.

I was going to include a "what I wore" photo in this post, because I actually dressed for the weather today (Tim disagrees).  Those of you who really know me should be proud (says the barefoot boho).

Unfortunately I am making my fake smile in all those photos, so forget it.

I will now narrate our Saturday afternoon with a series of obscure, pointless observations.  Proceed with caution.

 This is my upside-down pumpkin.

 This is not my bike.  :(

 We explored Folkeparken, which is mostly a collection of lily ponds.
I think Monet would like it here, despite the utter lack of arched bridges.

 We saw this sign, to which we inferred numerous hidden meanings.
I'm sure you can guess what it really says,
but what do you think it should say?

 Then we had a picnic.  
*And Isaac collected all of the dandelions.
No, really.  There are none left.

 Leaves on a bridge (un-arched, as we've already established).

 My Lucky Brand boots.  Which, incidentally, are not all that lucky.
Sometimes they even hurt my feet.

 Someone left their hand on this tree.  So naturally I took a picture.

 You're probably tired of all my duck photos,
but you've got to admit:
this one has a really weird head, right?

 I have no idea.

 Isn't this the sweetest little yellow house?
With its thatched roof and climbing roses?

If you lived here, you would be home now.

 I also really love this one.  It looks like a fort all swallowed up by nature.

 Julius and Ethel.
(This is somewhat like my real smile, in case you were wondering.)

The Who's live on this flower, I swear.  
Horton will be arriving in Denmark any minute now.

... And on to the Etsy Gift Card Giveaway Winner ....
(drum roll)

The winner was chosen using the Random Number Generator in Random.Org.
Normally I'd post the generator image on here, but today wasn't normal.  So.

. : Number 59 : .

I will be emailing you shortly!


  1. ohmygoodness, that yellow house is beyond darling! i love it.

    and the who's totally live on that flower. they do.

  2. hey, cute kid. :]

    i've never won a blog giveaway. what the hell? :[

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  4. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you guys are really appreciating your time there. <3

  5. I adore your photos! I love the little yellow house, it's SO charming!

    Hope you have a lovely Monday!


( hippies always welcome )