Restrict Your Remarks to the Weather

Yesterday was incredibly sunny.  Even warm.
It made me so happy.  

Then today came, and it felt like winter (overcast, rainy, cold). 

I think a small part of me died.

Which may or may not have been the tip of my nose, as I can no longer feel it.

All this talk of weather makes me think of Jane Austen.

If you cannot think of anything appropriate to say, you will please restrict your remarks to the weather.   

... Sense and Sensibility

But, rain or shine, coffee is the important thing.  
So we went down to the bakery.
...  And then braved the drizzle and went for a walk.

Marianne: Come, I'm taking you on a walk.
Margaret: No, I've been on a walk.
Marianne: You need another.
Margaret: It's going to rain.
Marianne: It is not going to rain.
Margaret: You always say that, and then it always does. 

At the market I took a few pictures of the flowers.
When the gentleman who sold them asked me something in Danish,
I told him I did not understand.

And he replied:
Ah, forgive me.  It is a common language in this part of the world, you see.
I was asking if I should fix my hair for your photographs?

Marianne: These are not from the hothouse.
Willoughby: Ah, I see mine are not the first offering.

My favorite part of the market is all the color.

This was the display table outside NOA NOA
They make beautiful clothing.
Which I cannot afford.

We ate lunch at this little placed called Barley.
And ordered a vegetable medley with tzatziki sauce.

Then we fed the ducks and seagulls by the pond.
This one was good enough to pose for me.
In return for a piece of bread.
Or she threatened to eat my finger.

An Isaac face.  No reason, really.  Goodbye.

P.S. One last quote before I go:

Margaret has always wanted to travel.

I know.  She is heading an expedition to China shortly.  I am to go as her servant but only on the understanding that I will be very badly treated.

What will your duties be?

Sword-fighting, administering rum, and swabbing.

... What is swabbing, exactly?


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual.

    I think I will put that Jane Austen quote in my back pocket and pull it out at work for the 4 kids who rarely ever have anything 'appropriate' to say. ;-)

  2. [laughing]
    gosh, i love those quotes.
    and yes. too much rain = a VERY in-need-of-coffee soul. :)

  3. I'm coming to the conclusion that Isaac could be a Gap Kid model - seriously!

    love the picture of the 3 of you.

    Miss you guys. Let me know when you know your travel dates :) My December is already looking a bit crazy.

  4. You are such a great photographer! And writer.... Stop hogging all the talent!

    So, have you learned any Danish?

  5. So many beautiful pictures. I need to read more Jane Austen.

  6. Court - we haven't bought our tickets yet for Dec. We will probably get them next month.

    Nicole - aww thanks. Actually I haven't learned any Danish yet...but I found a cool program online that was free download! So I now recognize a few words at least.

    Caitlin - you should! Or at least read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. Those were my favorites. I preferred the movies for the others. My favorite movie was Sense and Sensibility.


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