Buffet of Amenities : Link Love

*  I got the idea for a link-list-post from this lovely blog(Thanks Caitlin!)

* You must listen to Daughter if you haven’t yet.  I simply love her voice.  His Young Heart EP digital album is now on my wish-list. 

* Hoping to visit Christiana soon  - a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood located in Copenhagen.  Primarily caters to hippies, artists, and vagabonds.  Read more about it here.

*  I think this tunic/dress, by Steam Doll, is the most perfect piece of clothing I’ve ever seen.  Someday I’d like to own it in at least five colors.

*  I am an admirer of these artists:

     * Florian Nicolle ... mixed-media collage.
     * Eveline Tarunadjaja  ... whimsical.
     * Kim Parker  …  summery.

* Also, if you happen to know the name of the artist who painted this, please tell me.  I’ve been searching everywhere and I just love her work.

*  This 13-meter-high yellow bunny is currently on display in Örebro, Sweden.  (Do you think it is worth the trip out there?  Because Tim says it absolutely isn’t.)  The artist Florentijn Hofman intended his giant plushy to “challenge the concept of public space.”   Personally, I think it will challenge the public’s concept of Hofman’s sanity. 

*  Ever heard of the KaraokeTaxi in Finland?  Sing your heart out while travelling from A to B.  Reminds me of road-trips with my seven siblings.  This Von-Trapp family bellows.

*  I want to learn how to make this flowy top using nothing but a men’s size S t-shirt.

*  You can find the vegetable soup recipe I mentioned a few posts back here It’s my favorite soup ever.  (Speaking of soup … LORELAI: I leave and we go on with our lives and then at some point we buy some soup… You’d get it if you watched Gilmore Girls.)

*  I don’t know this young couple, but I read about them on a blog last week and wanted to share.  Please pray.

*  I thought this post about self-image was kind of sweet – and probably something most women should read.

*  Ever heard of Burning Man?  My beautiful friend Nicole of Mermaid Tracks went this year and wrote a blog post about it - enjoy!

*  I just love Angus and Julia Stone.  Love, love, love.

 I loved this photo of them even before I knew about their music.


  1. Yay! Glad you've been inspired because these are great links! I love the tunic and the flowy DIY shirt, and that post about not hating your body. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Caitlin! If you sew and YOU figure out how to make the DIY shirt then write a post about it please!

  3. Oooo I like the tunic dress too!



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