Doing Prufrock Proud

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* A few unrelated, stream-of-consciousness type things:

* Do you suppose, if I wore the thing pictured <-- that I might be warm enough for a Danish winter?  Tim says he will disown me, but I kind of like it.  Depending on how you actually get into the thing.

* After the initial week or two of relying on the bakery for my coffee, I stopped going as often.  Still, the employees have come to recognize Isaac as the redhead who likes the raspberry hindbær snitter.  He never wants to try anything else.  This morning we went in and the woman behind the counter said to Isaac, "You want your usual?" and then to me, "I thought you'd left."  The point of which is ... it's nice having a "usual."  It means you are memorable. 

* Either that or absurdly anal for always ordering the same exact thing.  (Isaac is a strange one.  I took him for ice cream a couple weeks ago, and every time he spilled on the table he felt compelled to change seats.  Until he ran out of chairs.)

* This week I saw Cruella De Vil strutting down pedestrian street.  And I've got to say, the haute-couture-black-and-white-spiky-haired-fur-obsessed getup grows creepier with age.  To clarify, I am not referring to someone in costume.  It was painfully obvious that this sixty, perhaps seventy-year-old woman was dressed as herself

* The world was such a wholesome place until ... I much preferred the animated Cruella.  Or Glenn Close.

* I also saw my first police car since moving here a month and a half ago.  As far as I can tell, there is little concern for crime in this country.  I am having trouble adjusting to a culture wherein doors are left unlocked, belongings are left unattended, and businesses provide self-serve options that I'm afraid would be greatly abused in the States.

* Case in point, I walked into my kitchen the other day to find a strange man standing there ... just standing there.  Then he said something in Danish and abruptly left.  (??) 

* Also, (not that I'd ever take advantage of this), it seems as if it'd be extremely easy to steal bicycles off the streets, books from the library, and ice cream from Ikea.  Just saying.

* We bought Isaac a tiny Ikea char.  Which he does not use as a chair; instead, he turns in upside down and uses it as a slide.  This seems to be the way of things with him.  Who wants the expensive train set daddy painstakingly built when the real toys include a stick, a cardboard box, and mommy's hair-brush.  (Which I still haven't found.) 

* Our CPR numbers and ID cards finally came in, which means, sadly, that I have rejoined the world of phones.  I am not a phone person, you understand.  I much prefer land-lines that can be left behind at home and ignored without cause for offense.  Cell phones make me feel ... crowded.  And I do like my space.

* I also prefer the internet over phones, what with the invention of all these delightful little "away" and "invisible" buttons.  (Not to be taken personally by anyone I know and love.)

* Today is Day 3 of our Goodbye-Happiness-Diet.  Thus far we've been eating lots of unsweetened yogurt, apples and peanut butter,  vegetable soup, asparagus and chicken, and eggs.  I have doubled my intake of coffee, which is probably not beneficial but I don't care.  There are far less (if any) options here for sugar-free snacks as back home, but last night Tim made a chocolate candy bar out of cocoa, an all-natural sugar substitute, and a smidgen of butter.  And, surprisingly, it is really good.

* This diet was initially an attempt to begin eating healthier, but in my mind it's beginning to turn into a bet against myself to see how long we can go without eating processed sugar/carbs.  (Don't tell Tim, it might kill him to find out that when I said a "two-week" diet I really meant "as long as it takes until I feel like I've won."  Whatever that means).

* This post is really making me sound like some kind of a wack-job.

* I recently had a discussion with my lovely friend Ayla (who has yellow curtains) about the type of movies we prefer.  My Top List included Away We Go, Dan In Real Life, Elizabethtown, Jane Austen Book Club, Love Actually, You've Got Mail (of course), Serious Moonlight, The Sixties, Stranger Than Fiction, and Sense and Sensibility.  These movies also tend to "mirror" the type of books and music I like as well.  All that to say, I'd love any suggestions you can give me for other somewhat similar media.
(Pretty please?)

* Yesterday I finished a very good book, for which I am very sorry.  I hate it when a good book comes to an end.  It feels like a death in the family that no one knows about except myself.  Le sigh.

* And now I must go find out what the kiddo is up to in the other room.  He is being uncharacteristically quiet and it is making me nervous.  ... Goodbye.

... I have measured out my life in coffee spoons ...


  1. I have missed you so much! I know, you didn't actually go anywhere, but I did. Life got crazy and I stopped blogging or reading blogs for like 3 months. I came to ladaisi today and what a refreshing thing it was to hear *ahem, read* your familiar voice! And you've moved! Congrats! I can't wait to scroll down and find out what all I've missed!...

  2. "Away We Go" was an AMAZING movie. And animated Cruella FTW!

  3. This is the most awesome post in the history of posts!

    And I have so many things to say and confirm that I relate to that I can barely tell where to start.

    I'll say this: man in your kitchen? That would not be a good day for me.

    I'll say this too: when I looked at that photo at the top, I immediately thought you were spying on me and could see how I am dressed.... Well, it's a blanket, but I'm cold here man!

  4. What was the very good book you read? Not that I plan to read any books for enjoyment until April 2012. Just good future knowledge.

    You are not allowed to wear that sweater. Just get a heating blanket. :)

  5. Oh, it's from the Dorothy Sayers mystery series with Lord Peter and Harriet Vane. I love them. They were from Sarah E. I am now reading Seabiscuit and I have also ordered a series of short stories by Kingsolver. I'm trying to get it all in before school starts in January.


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