She Had Never Liked Their Bathrooms, Not A One

Isn't this the sweetest little walk-up?

If you lived here, you would be home now.

Well, it's not the apartment we went to see on Friday.  It was on the way to the apartment we went to see on Friday.  So I took a picture, even though it's looking very lived-in and unavailable.

The apartment we actually did see is a decent price, brilliant location, and unexpectedly happy size.  It's within walking distance to the fjord, downtown, Tim's work (a long walk), and also the church we plan to attend while living here.

It's got three shoebox-sized bedrooms, a kitchen, a good-sized living area with a small deck, and a little bathroom.  I love the living area, the deck, and the master bedroom wall closet (shelves in the closet - happy thought).  I wouldn't have to buy a dresser, which is good because we are furniture-less and will need to find some kind of bed, some kind of couch, and some kind of table while here.  Also some kind of guest bed, seeing as I do want people to come visit me.

I hate the bathroom.  The main thing is the shower.  Supposedly, in Denmark, most people don't actually have showers (not like we have them back home, at least).  Instead, they have a tiled bathroom with a shower-head sticking out of the ceiling and a u-shaped curtain rod.  (In this case about two feet across from the toilet.)  The realtor said that once you finish bathing, you just sort of mop the excess water into the drain, and then your bathroom can air-dry.

The Monica-Geller in me finds this ... kind of gross?

But, I've never particularly liked a bathroom anywhere I've lived yet, so that'll be something to aspire to.  (Sounds like a line from a short story, doesn't it?  She had never liked their bathrooms, not a single one).

The good news: the place hasn't been listed yet and the realtor is giving us until tomorrow evening to claim it.  Plus, she told me I can paint the walls any color I want, and I'll still get my full deposit back when I leave (yiiiippeeeee - you know how much I love to paint walls).

The bad news is that the current tenants do not plan on moving until possibly some time in November.

So ... unless we can bribe them to get out sooner (chocolates, flowers, promises we do not intend to keep?), we'd be quite homeless until ... they move out.  Just a smidgen of a problem.

We're going to see another place tomorrow.  We are among the lucky five finalists picked by the owner from a line-up of interested tenants.  Clearly he didn't know about the small redhead who will draw big eyeballs on his walls.  In permanent ink.

I'll let you know what we decide.  I may also write a follow-up post about a bathroom I would like (you are so excited, I can tell).

Other news I might as well add:

  • Tim officially graduated with his PhD in Material Science yesterday (despite not actually being present for the event). 
  • Today is our sixth anniversary.
  • We met Tim's entire work group this weekend at a barbecue, and Isaac found himself a new mama.  No really.  He liked her better than me.  He cried for twenty minutes on the train when she got off to go home.  (I think I've got a new babysitter).


  1. the porch looks a wee bit crooked on that blue apartment you like. aside from the possibility of the porch detaching from the house, i think it's a lovely spot. :]

    good luck with apartment hunting, i know you'll be so relieved to find a place.

  2. Good luck with the apartment hunting :) So funny about the showers, but I do like that line. :)

  3. To the thing on the bathroom. Ewww.... that's one of the things that make the U.S.A. so wonderful. I'm a clean n neat freak n could not deal w that whole air dry thing. I would have to clean up the water or it would drive me crazy.

  4. Danish ways are wild, I'm tellin' you. :D It seems like they've decided to embrace the inevitable: the bathroom floor is almost always air drying in our house. The bath rug gets soaked after the first couple showers of the day, and then the water just kinda gets tracked all over... :P

    Anyway, the apartment sounds fantastic! If you can find some clever way of leaping that tiny little hurdle of 'nowhere to live until then', that is... Can you take out a fresh lease on your rooms above the bakery?

    But seriously, I think the thing that impresses me the most is your fast find with the potential babysitter. That's gotta be some kind of record! :D

  5. Happy anniversary!

    I think you should write that short story.

  6. I have yet to find the perfect bathroom either. I dont expect big, but I do expect to be able to turn around without bumping into something or in your instance slipping on the excess water and falling to my death.

    As for waiting until November...yikes that is a long time to be living out of an INN or whatnot.

    Good luck on the hunt.

  7. as an owner of a plumbing company I must tell you that your shower situation in that house WOULD FREAK ME OUT! You fly us to where you are and we will make a real shower for you. I would have to wear flip flops while showering, if you go back in take a picture for us. also i do want you to look around, are all the showers this way?
    Is there an english church for you to attend?

  8. Happy "late" Anniversary! Hope it was a great day for the both of you!


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