The Poor Expatriates: A List

... Not to be misconstrued as a cohesive list of things that should be categorized together.  In any case:

  • Last week while out having coffee, we saw a man rooting through trash receptacles in search of recyclables.  Isaac found this utterly astonishing (being my kid and all).  Each time the man stuck his hand in to retrieve an item, Isaac shouted at him: YUCK!   (No chance the poor guy could’ve misheard; we were sitting only two feet away and it happened repeatedly.)
  • If you watch Curious George in Danish, George’s name is Peter Pedal.  For some reason.
  • Someone told us that all mother’s get $200 per month from the Danish government simply for being mothers.  If this is true, that would explain the baby boom.  Also the high taxes.
  • If you go to the park in the middle of a week-day, you will see just as many dads as moms.  This might have more to do with the fact that it is early August, and it seems like everybody and their brother are on vacation.
  • Every person, by law, may take five weeks vacation per year – not necessarily paid.
  • Home Décor: White walls, wood floors, big windows, minimalist style, Ikea.  Everything is Ikea.
  • What They Wear (as far as I’ve seen): Anything casual, laid-back, occasionally artsy.  Light fabrics, layers, pastels paired with the color black; leggings, tunics, skinny jeans, sweaters.
  • They really like their kebabs here.  Kebab shop on every corner.
  • They also really like ice cream cones. And why not.  If you go to the store and ask for ice, they will naturally assume you are referring to is, which is Danish for Ice Cream.
  • I'm told the weather this week has been uncharacteristically chilly and rainy for this time of year, so I'm holding on to every last shred of hope that the sun will be out soon. 
  • Today we go look at our first apartment.  Wish us luck!
  • No Pandora here.  The Poor Expatriates.

... To be continued.

Trains and Maps  - How my life feels right now.

{Post title inspired by Ayla of What? Mermaids?}


  1. mmmmmm yes. lovely photo. i will read the post tomorrow. you might guess why.

  2. Love the photo.

    Good luck with the apt hunting.

  3. I also love the photo. We spent so much of our lives traveling,part of me misses it and part of me doesn't. Good luck on the apt. Hugs Karen

  4. Ikea seems to be everywhere lately. And who doesn't love a good ice cream cone?

    Oh and LUCK!


  5. Love this list! Glad you guys are acclimating...as difficult as it may be :)

  6. I wish I was with you to keep you company while your husband is working, all this sounds so interesting. culture shock to me and Im not even there, think of all the fun things you get to bring home to share with your family that they might not have ever seen before.
    hope you can find a bigger fridge.

  7. I enjoyed reading you list, and love the photo too.

  8. i love this list! sounds fascinating to get thrown into a different world like that.


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