Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli-Lolli-Lolli

I wish the Lollipop song wasn't stuck in my head.
Now it's stuck in your head also.

Anyway.  Today was warm.  

I got up at seven and went running in a t-shirt (also pants). 

Then, later, we decided to explore Roskilde some more.

(This is Isaac waiting for us to get ready.  He wanted a hindbaer snitter.)

Roskilde seems like a different town on Saturdays.

All the people come out, the farmer's market opens, there are street performers on every corner, and the cafes move their tables outdoors so you can order coffee and sit and stare.  Which is precisely what I did.

And exactly how I met a man named Kim, 
who has a dual-citizenship in Denmark and the U.S.  
He said: Welcome to Denmark.  I hope you don't find us all crazy.

And some stranger on a bench behind him said: You are crazy.
And Kim just laughed, because he did seem kind of loopy.  

These are my TopShop ballet flats (and also my bandaid).  
From Steph and Sarah for my birthday.
(Not the bandaid.)

... I bought some more watercolor paints.
 (Not pictured.)

And found The Perfect Clothing Store, where I would buy all of my clothes.
If I were only rich.

And saw a man selling something that smelled delicious but looked gross.
So I took a picture.

.. And watched a group of street performers do a mime.
I suppose they had some statement to make about the corporate world, 
but for the life of me I couldn't say what it was.

We left early, when the performers started coming into the crowd
carrying legal pads that said:
Stand still and stare into my eyes for 15 seconds.
... Which, to be perfectly honest, I found a bit weird.

Then we went to Gimle Cafe ...

And I'll definitely be going back.
It's the perfect spot to get coffee or beer, listen to local music, and just hang out.

See what I mean?

 It had all kinds of funky mis-matched furniture.
Which I kind of like, in a cafe.

This is what Isaac thought about Gimle Cafe.  So eventually we left.

This is Isaac in his stroller.
 As you can see.

This is Isaac waiting for us to select produce.
(We aren't very nice parents, are we?)

This is Isaac running across a field to bring me a daisy...
 ... after I fell asleep in the park, lying in the grass.
How's that for productivity?

And these are two of the paintings I did for Isaac's bedroom, 
if and when we get an apartment.  
And yes, I did copy the elephant from Trafulgar's Square.
Because I don't have the money to spend on elephant prints.

And even if I did, I'd probably buy something else.
Like those super tiny forks (for all the tiny food?)
Because I've always wondered:
Why do people buy those things?


  1. i love your paints of / for isaac!!!

    today is farmer's market day.

    i've only left my bed to pee so far (it's nearly noon) so we'll see if i make it out or not.


  2. I love those paintings! So beautifully done!

  3. What a beautiful post. It makes me want to travel again. Hugs Karen

  4. Aaaw... i miss you guys. I love the pictures you did for his room. I really want to come visit... it's like reading this awesome book from here.

  5. I love the paintings, they are adorable! I'm sure Isaac will love them in his room!

    Sounds like you had a great day! I love the pictures of the cafe!

  6. Your paintings made my heart go giddyup.

  7. I'm with Sarah on this one-- it really feels like a book, Lauren, reading these posts. :D Except you're twice as invested in the characters cause you got to know them before they took off on their crazy adventure...so more like a spin-off of a TV show. You're Joey! No...this analogy is getting out of hand. :P Going to start over now.

    gr8 post! mor soonnnnnnnnnn!

    Better? :P

    Wov you! Wov your prints!!! Wanting to haz coffee at Gimle. The sign makes me think of Poe... You should play the "Nevermor" drinking game!

  8. Poor Poe. He had to suffer so much and now we all have to SUFFER along with him.

  9. wow, nice experiences on a nice blogs :)

    hope we can be a friend ^^

  10. Oh the horror! I had to dance to that song once and now I have the awful memory of it front and center in my brain. Save me.

    Love the paintings you did.



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