I Wrote A Lot of Stuff Quickly

  • in·co·her·entAdjective/ˌinkōˈhi(ə)rənt/

    1. Expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.
    2. Unable to speak intelligibly.
    3. This blog post.

  • Today I spent 6 hours organizing 5500 rows of names.  Prefix, first, middle, last, suffix, spouse, preferred, alternate, other people who may or may not be related - all jumbled up in 4 tedious columns.  I may have lost my eyesight somewhere in Row 3323.
  • Was informed in the park that spanking your child is illegal in Denmark.  Isaac is so happy to be living here. 
  • Visited the Roskilde Vineyard Branch yesterday.  The church meets at 3 pm in a building owned by the Apostolic church, who meet Sunday mornings.  The congregation is very small, so it has the feel of a house-church (people kept asking me if I attended one of "those American Mega Churches" back home, which made me laugh.  On the contrary.)  They have worship in English for the first half hour, then coffee, then the message in Danish (with English and Spanish translators who sit behind you, as needed), and then everybody hangs out in the back yard so the kids can play.  In attendance were people from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, and Venezuela. 
  • I've met some lovely people, but I can't remember any of their names.  Aside from Ruth, because it was one of the few names I recognized and/or was certain I could pronounce correctly.  This is going to be difficult.
  • Our residency cards are finally en-route, which is such a relief. 
  • It looks like we will be staying in the bakery apartment during September, waiting for the current tenants of our next apartment to move out.  All those sea-faring-wanderlust-Jack-Kerouac-type-thoughts I was sending them must've gotten lost in the air.  Le sigh.
  • It is my goal to finish painting the illustrations for the children's book by the end of October, minus the cover.  Of course, after that I must transfer the watercolors to electronic format and edit, so the job will only be half-done.  
  • While painting, I've been "watching" (listening to) mini-series on Netflix.  Thus far I've covered Jane Eyre, Persuasion, Anna Karenina, Lady Chatterly's Lover, and am currently in the middle of Eliot's Middlemarch.   I hope to also make it through North and South, Bleak House, and A Dinner of Herbs ... but we'll see.
  • Currently reading Dorothy Sayer's Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series.  I'm in book two.  And I love it (Sarah: thank you, thank you, thank you).  I've been imagining Wimsey as Cary Grant and Harriet Vane as Myrna Loy, which makes the whole thing come off even funnier than it already is.  Highly recommend.
  • Thursday's forecast is particularly sunny.  I am very much looking forward to Thursday.
  • Now that I've gone and written that, it will probably rain.


  1. i have read this post twice, and i think you are supremely lucky. :]

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  3. I wish I could "like" Ayla's comment :)

  4. Haha! Have you ever even set foot inside a genuine mega-church? That sounds like one of those, "Are all people from Texas cowboys?"-type questions. ;D

    I'm glad you won't be sleeping on the street while you wait for the lovely apartment.

    And you are welcome! Seriously, I'm just happy to have someone with whom I can natter on about the hilarity that is Peter and Harriet -- it's very difficult to geek out about Sayers when my siblings have only read 'Murder Must Advertise'. :P

    And I highly recommend 'North and South' (splendid acting), 'Bleak House' (the Gillian Anderson version is very good; very Dickens), and also 'Wives and Daughters', which is based on an Elizabeth Gaskall novel just like 'North and South'. British Talking Head mini series were made to be the soundtrack of our creative lives, I do believe. ;)

  5. Hello. Sounds like you are 'settling' in. Hugs Karen

  6. Spankings are illegal!? Wow, I bet that's every child's dream! He,he!

    Hope Thursday is fabulous!

  7. A man actually spent time in jail for spanking his kid. Weird huh.


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