Things For Which I Am Too Short

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1) My new jeans, sans stilettos.
2) Pulling off a convincing swagger.  
     Although why I would ever want to do
     this is beyond me.
3) Demanding height-induced respect due to
     The Towering Factor.  See image.
4) Changing light bulbs on ceiling fans.
5) Getting told that coffee will make me
     short (a moot point).
6) Driving with my seat reclined. 
     To any degree, really.
7) Reaching the only shelf in my closet.

And yet, despite it all, I still worry about not having enough space.

... Go figure.


  1. Yes, I am too short in these ways as well.

    On the bright side: when you work at a coffee shop and everyone is rushing around, pulling things out of the cupboards (above your head)- they might forget to close them and the turn around and get smacked in the face. When us shorties turn around it is still way over our heads and we are safe.

    Yes, we might need help getting everything out of that cupboard, but we avoid danger easily!

  2. This is an excellent way to view things, Nicole! Made me laugh.

  3. I wish i was shorter
    Im five two and want to be 5 even

  4. Hehehe, I have all of these problems too...


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