Oo De Lally, Oo De Lally

. . . golly what a day.
{ My Weekend }

Friday Night: 

Noah and Steph's joint birthday celebration!  Nice dinner, round of Brazilian Uno, gifts and cake, and our usual rendition of The Happy Birthday Song (sung loudly and out of key).  Polished off the evening with an impromptu concert in which Peter mimicked songs from the cartoon Robin Hood in a high-pitched falsetto not entirely unlike a fork scraping across a chalkboard.  It was just lovely.

Saturday - A Day of Rest:

Got some sunshine:

My boys sitting on the picnic table out back:

Thought about which books I'd like to take to Denmark:

These, plus the whole new set of paperbacks my lovely friend gave me last weekend - some G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy Sayers, Laura Hillenbrand, Maggie Stiefvater, and a few others (♥).

Had a yummy dinner:

Talapia, small potatoes, turnip and mustard greens stir-fried in garlic and ginger, and stewed tomatoes.

Finished out Saturday evening with some hot coffee and a novel. 

Sunday: A whole day left in which to prepare for The Attack of Monday and All Ensuing Madness (packing, thesis defense, goodbye parties, etc.).  Fifteen days until departure.  Fifteen.



  1. This is the way my life seems, but I can't bear to write about it. I feel like I live the same day over and over again. I cannot believe you leave in 15 days - looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Love!

  2. Eeee 15 days! So exciting! And sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  3. thanks for the ideas! :) I actually have most of those on my "to-do" list, hence my other problem. The bottomless to-do list.

  4. Wow! 15 days! Good luck with everything! Your weekend sounded spectacular! :).

  5. That yummy meal looks very similar to what I've been eating.

    15 days... Man.. Very close.

  6. Sounds like a relaxing weekend!!

  7. what a sweet, sweet couple of days. everything sounds like it was absolutely lovely.

  8. sounds like an excellent weekend to me...I've read a few of the books in your pile as well:D


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