Broomstick Lace

Ever made broomstick lace?  It looks like this:

 (I did not make this piece.)

I have a very dear, very creative childhood friend (Sarah) who is essentially superwoman when it comes to making things. 

Over the past 20-odd years (we met at age two - we have photographs to prove it), I have forced her to teach me how to make beaded jewelry, how to cross-stitch, how to crochet, how to use my sewing machine, and how to fix all the things I made once I ruined them.

(Translation: she fixed them for me.)

Sarah Engel

Sarah patiently endured the entire process (because let's be honest: I am anything but gifted in these areas, and am also easily distracted and/or irritable when attempting them), and in the end, I came out much wiser if not more accomplished (I discovered that the best solution is if I just pay her to make the things for me).

On one of our more recent visits, we attempted to make broomstick lace.  (Here's a link to the tutorial we used, in case you're interested - you can make gorgeous scarves and wrist cuffs with this pattern).

In the amount of time it took me to make this three or four inch piece:

She made an entire scarf:

Not unlike the one pictured above, which she gave me for my birthday. 
I love it.

{ It's good to have oh-so-talented friends. }

And by the bye, you've met Sarah before in this guest post: 
And you'll meet her again when she opens her Etsy shop.

I can't wait.

P.S. If you like tutorials, try this one by Simply Vintage Girl: 
Sarah gave me the link for this yesterday and now I must try it.
  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.  
... Maybe.


  1. Gorgeous! I may need to give this a try! Let's hope I don't get my yarn in one tangled mess!

  2. Talented friends are a good thing to have indeed! Love all of this :)

  3. I can't wait to visit her etsy shop! What a beautiful scarf <3

  4. I cant wait for her to open her shop
    you must let us know when this takes place

  5. That is pretty cool. My family is like this, especially my Mom. I knit, but crochet scares me for some reason..... I don't know why. Looks so hard and confusing. But then I see things like this and I wanna do it.

  6. Actually Nicole - this one is surprisingly easy and because of the all the looping you can make things really fast! I'm just a super slow learner when it comes to things that involve yarn and fabric and thread. No really. I have some kind of mental block to it.

  7. See, but you always come up with the best crafting ideas! I never would have found broomstick lace without you. :)

    Honestly, luv, there is no higher praise than to be complimented by such a multi-talented granypsy as yourself. And there is no greater love than to publicly acknowledge your quacky friend in public.

    You are made of awesome and I couldn't do without you. ♥

    (Oh, and we're totally making those flowers! And we're not even going to set our respective houses on fire.)

  8. You love coffee...you love books...your crochet...we'd get along nicely in person too I do belive:D ha ha.


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