Today, after sleeping in until 1 pm (7 in the morning back home), we explored Roskilde.  I took a few photos for the blog only to discover, upon returning to the hotel, that they are mostly of Isaac.

So this is going to be one of those posts.  You know.  A post wherein the blogger forces the reader to view endless photos of her child doing nothing in particular.

I'll try to do better tomorrow when we move to the bakery apartment.

The weather here feels like autumn, and the wind blows in such a way that I expect the ocean to be around every corner.  
I have yet to see it, but I can hear the seagulls.

The houses are mostly brick, with clay tile rooftops and little windows.

In fact, almost all of the buildings are brick.  Ancient with character.

A windmill.  Pointy.

The colors are those of a fishing  village - 
washed out reds and blues and pale yellows.  

Isaac reading a map.

Downtown Roskilde.  And guess what?  They have GOOD coffee.  
And good poppyseed pastries.
I think I may just like it here.

The people are friendly and fluent in English, which is convenient for us.  We have yet to learn the language, but we are learning to recognize words (and by that I do mean Tim is learning to recognize words).  I'd remember better if I could say them out loud, but since I have no idea how to pronounce them and Danish is a weird language, I haven't tried.  They'd probably think I was sneezing.

There are so many beautiful flowers here.

And so many bikes.  
The main mode of transportation appears to be the bicycle.
Since we don't have bikes yet, we mostly walked and rode the bus, 
wherein you are not allowed to carry drinks, hot-dogs, or popsicles (but all other edible things are permitted), as demonstrated by picture.  
Unless the last one was a drawing of a spatula.  

See what I mean about the bikes? 

Isaac found a new elephant today.  
Wherever he goes, he finds elephants.  
He is also afraid of the flash on my camera, as you can see.

Isaac and The Elephant.

A weird looking tree.

My baby.

Tomorrow we go to Copenhagen.  More photos to come!


  1. Lauren - it's so pretty! Hopefully it feels like autumn all year long :) LOVE the pictures! Please do posts like this once a week so we can see what you see :) love you

  2. Beautiful! He's such a lovely little boy. Glad you guys are having fun :)

  3. I am jealous, I want to be there with the 3 of you.
    you are so lucky and I know you know this

  4. Lauren, this place couldn't be more perfect for you if Mo and Meggie had read it out of one of your own books. lol

    I'm so glad it's beautiful. And I love the shots of little Eetsock and his Oliphant. <3

  5. Oh my goodness I needed that. It is a hundred million degrees here to think else where it feels like fall...the world is in balance.

    Loved all of the pictures. Please post as many pictures as you can of the boy and his elephants. Adorable!

  6. Your journey in life is amazing! Soak up the culture while you can. I'm absolutely jealous :) More pictures please. And have an awesome time over seas

  7. I was surprised that I could read the names on the shops.....are you sure you are in a differant country? Maybe you are just hiding out in Maine. Actually love the photos. The windmill...pointy? Hahaha


  8. Haha that would be fun - my hideout in Denmark, Maine. Actually several of the signs have English as well as Danish because 80% also speak English fluently.

  9. I liked that it was one of "those" posts. I am so excited for you!

    Cute elephant.


( hippies always welcome )