There is a peculiar sense of displacement that comes with moving to a foreign country.  As if, suddenly, you belong no where.  What you have previously called home has been dismantled, an empty house with empty rooms.  Where you are now is certainly not home, despite the presence of your belongings.  It is a place of confusion.

You are confused as to the time, and whether you should be awake or asleep and when you should eat.  Are you hungry?  Have you ever been?  There is a sign on the wall you cannot read, but you think the first word might mean somewhere.  Somewhere unfamiliar.  You have forgotten why you are here; why did you come, exactly?  Perhaps you are simply exhausted from overnight travels and you will remember in the morning.  Which morning?

Displacement (noun): the forced removal from a homeland.  
The displacement of Jews from the land of their ancestors.  
Related Words: Emigration.  Dispersion.  Scattering (noun)the random change in direction of the particles constituting a beam or wave front due to collision with particles of the medium traversed.

You miss your family and would like to return.


  1. Hang in there lady, I'm sure it'll get easier! <33

  2. I miss you back. There's a quality to adventures that people don't like to mention: sometimes they suck lemons. But it'll get better -- it always does. I'm praying the Lord will lead you to the good coffee ASAP.

    Love ya 'til daisies grow on Mercury. ♥

  3. I'm glad you made it safely. I can sleep peacefully now. Miss you bunches and bunches. xxoo-mom

  4. Love you Lauren! It will get better - it's an adventure :) Can't wait to hear all about it. Let me know when skype is setup :)

  5. i facebooked you my comment :]

  6. Don't worry, it gets easier from here. Even if you think it is getting harder. You will go home for Christmas and start thinking about how awesome it is back there. Well, that's what I do... The grass is always greener for me.

    I loved this post. Really sets a feeling.

  7. How do you find inner strength to leave a family??? Not that your ever as far as a phone call type of thing but I am the kind of person who leeches on to loved ones and hangs on for dear life, ha ha...so I always admire those who can move about freely without attatchments holding them back from adventures like yours.

  8. I'm sending you good thoughts in hopes it gets better very soon!


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