The Walk-Up

Today we continued exploring Roskilde ...

The lilacs, in full bloom.

The creek that runs through Roskilde park.

Pond scum.  I think the colors are cool.

Just a few ... trees.  Because they are big and beautiful.

Isaac lying on a park bench, like the little hobo he is....n't.

A baby in a stroller, streetside.  People are very trusting here.

Some impressive architecture.

And then we walked back to the bakery and moved in for the month.  
(At which point we'll have found a permanent home 
... or we will live in the park).

Our little walk-up is about 30-35 square meters, with four rooms (including the bathroom) - small but sweet.  It has a bedroom, a dining room, and a kitchenette with hot plate and washer/dryer (after the past year I am so happy to do laundry at home again).  The walls and ceilings are white, the floors hardwood, and the doors have ten frosted glass panes each.

Here are a few pictures:

The kitchen/laundry room/front entrance.  

Half the bathroom.
What you don't see is the walk-in shower and bright blue floor tile.

The neighbor's porch, which is just outside our bedroom window.

Half the bedroom.  The other half has a window and dresser.

The view from the dining/main room (not pictured).
Down below is the inner "courtyard" behind the bakery.

Isaac saw his blue elephant in the washer machine and was quite upset.

... Tomorrow we are thinking of renting a car and visiting Copenhagen and the coast, so I'll update soon!


  1. Man those Europeans sure know how to conserve space. Looking forward to the pictures of the bakery.

    Loved the photo of Isaac, I was the same way when Mom would wash my blanky.

  2. haha, love isaac watching his elephant. tell him they are good swimmers :]

    or not.

  3. What a lovely little apartment! And Isaac's eyes are sooo beautiful.

  4. Marvelous! You home looks beautiful!

  5. By the way: I told you they would have good coffee!!

    Also, I've heard about the strollers sitting unattended outside of buildings. I've never seen a photo of one (until now) but I've heard stories.

    Sometimes I have these moments here in New Zealand where I realize I am being less cautious than I am in America. It's a funny feeling.

  6. not sure how i would feel with the bedroom so close to the neighbors
    when the picture came up with the baby in a vintage looking stroller just sitting there freaked me out.wanderif it started rolling or the baby fell out or he/she got stolen, ahhhhhhhhh

  7. It was a bit odd seeing a baby left on the curb ... I wanted to go push it into the store ... not that this is the same thing, but people rarely lock their bikes around here either, and they don't seem bothered by leaving front doors unlocked. So perhaps there is less crime here. Supposedly the Danes are some of the most content people in the world - why steal?

    The apartment just across the porch from ours is actually being used for seminars during the week, so we can use the deck during the weekend and evenings when it is empty. The office adjoined with our bedroom belongs to the woman who owns the bakery. It is a weird setup, but convenient location to the rest of Roskilde!


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