Sometimes I Wish I Was A Cat

... Or a small child.


This is just a note to say ... I won't be able to post quite as often over the next few weeks.   Here's why:

There's just a little over two months before we move to Denmark.

Thus Far, We Will Attend Something Like:

2 Weddings
3 Birthdays
2 Goodbye Cookouts
1 Family Reunion
1 July 4th Shindig
1 Thesis Defense/Celebration (Hooray!)

We Must Also:

Sort through the house: To Take, To Discard, To Put In Storage
Do 1 million other things required when moving out of the country
Change bank accounts, internet, and phone service
Finalize travel plans, etc.
Find a Danish realtor

While At The Same Time:

Tim is working full-time and writing a thesis, and I am working online with a full-time kiddo.

Not To Mention:

I'm still illustrating that children's book, plus Steph and I are trying to record a song or two before I leave.  (So happy).

So there you have it.

I will still try to post every two or three days, so please keep reading!  Also, I've got another Creative Guest Post series lined up as well as a giveaway you won't want to miss.

Until later, then!


  1. When I was a kid I thought about how awesome it would be to be a cat like, every day. Now I think about how great it would be to be my dog...minus the whole short life span thing.

    Have a great couple of months! We'll miss you in the Land of Blog!

  2. Congratulations on your move! So exciting! I'm quite jealous.

  3. You are definitely going to be a busy lady!

    Good luck with everything! Can't wait to read more updates!

  4. So exciting!

    When you go back for visits you will be this busy then too...


( hippies always welcome )