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  1. Your family is so beautiful! <33

  2. Such a great family

  3. Lovely - more than picture perfect, really.

    In a past life I was a biz school conference planner, and one summer we hosted a group from Denmark. They were happy and smart, so that's two ways you'll fit right in to start!

    ps - guest post coming its way to you this week. I'm honored to participate.

  4. In response to your comment :) My sister-in-law's younger sister took that picture. We were all going to Boston together to see a Bruins game and they managed to catch us like that :) According to them we looked like that the whole way up.

    And I work as a software consultant - my company works with a software called PeopleSoft, which colleges/universities use to manage student records, financial aid, financials, enrollment, admissions, etc. I specifically work with training, so when it comes time to create a plan for training/create training material etc. I work with the school to make sure they have everything set to go before they actually execute the training sessions. Sometimes I lead training sessions on the software too. :) Sorry for that long explanation, it's kind of a vague job description! <33 Thanks for your comment!


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