Helton Creek Falls

A couple weeks ago on a somewhat overcast Saturday afternoon ...
we visited Helton Creek Falls.

Helton Creek is a fifteen minute drive from my house and has two waterfalls, some nice-sized rocks to climb, and several hiking trails.  We used to swim here when I was a kid.  The water was always freezing, but if you swam out to the base of the falls there was a little cave you could hide inside. 

That is, until the environmentalists came along and built this huge deck thing in order to block access to the water.

Isaac found it quite upsetting.  
(Not really, since he never came here before the arrival of the deck.)
I found it quite upsetting.

So I took a picture of the tree-tops.

And also my shoes.

And then I climbed over the deck thing (despite the warning sign that said I'd destroy the animal's natural habitat and then bears would eat me, in that order) and took pictures of the water.

And then the sky threatened rain so we went home.

The End.


  1. Beautiful journey through your photos. Hugs Karen

  2. Beautiful pictures! And I find it funny that they built a deck made of trees to block access to the water for environmental reasons, but I don't like to stir the pot... :)

  3. Thank you for including us on your adventure! I really need to get back to the falls around here and have an adventure myself.

  4. Great pictures! You're lucky to have such beautiful scenery near your home!

  5. Beautiful pictures. You are such a rule follower...haaa. A little rebellion is good for the soul.

  6. georgia has environmentalists?

  7. i wish we had waterfalls that close to our house. i'd go there all the time....

  8. I want to be there right now

  9. breath-taking. how lucky you are to live so close to such a beautiful place!

    ha, and it's good to hear that you didn't get eaten by any bears. ;)

    gorgeous photos, lady.


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