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~ An Artist and her Palette ~

Mandy loves to create work that takes people away from their present even if but momentarily.  She tries to create images that refresh the soul and fill the viewer with joy.  She wants to share her love of color and thrill the viewer with her palette.  She aspires to simply inspire and shed a bit of light in a world that is often quite dark.  At the same time she wishes to create work that prompts reflection and thought and that can bring attention to the beauty of animals, their plight and the need for their conservation.  Her captivating imagery has a unique, vibrant and whimsical style.  Using a sophisticated color palette she creates images infused with heart, though, energy and symbolism.

Mandy's inspiration comes from a myriad of things including: music, literature, dreams, spirituality, psychology and the strength of the human spirit.  But, usually, her main inspiration comes from nature  and the relationship/kinship between humans and the natural environment.   Mandy finds so much joy and beauty in nature and in its unique inhabitants and tries to infuse the love, respect, awe and inspiration she feels for the natural world with almost every piece she creates.  

Creative blocks are usually not a problem for this artist.  She often has her next 15-20 images ready to go and the linear/sketch and research stage of each picture is one of her favorite parts of creating an image. Filling a blank page is not a task but a thrill and Mandy often feels that she is in a race against the clock to get all of her ideas out for others to see.  

Mandy is currently working on a body of work for a solo exhibition at the W.K.P Kennedy Gallery in May 2011.  This will be her 3rd solo show and is themed around birds.  Through her imaginary and whimsical bird creations and a few unique female characters, Mandy hopes to draw a more respectful eye towards the beauty and importance of nature.  The highlight of the exhibition will be a large group of “Beautiful Birds”, which is a series Mandy started in 2009.  

Mandy offers her unique illustrations and creations as prints in her online shops.  She applies her imagery to greeting cards and jewelry as well.  Mandy also has 2 on-going series of art dolls: a series with decorative earth ladies with twig crowns which she called ‘Nubbins’ and also a soft stuffie series up-cycled from used clothing with hand-painted faces called “Lagomorph Lovelies”.    She hopes you’ll find time to hop over to her blog and website for a visit…and don’t be shy to say hello or ask questions.

. :  Article and images by Mandy Saile : .


  1. I love this! So much life and creativity! And loving the earth and rabbits just makes me so happy! I think the name "lagomorph lovelies" made my day!

  2. Oh the feature looks so good. Thanks so so much. I was sooo nervous, ha ha because I don't have oodles of confidence in my writing abilites and to write about oneself is one of the hardest things, and writing in the 3rd person (is it the 3rd person! ha ha) just seems weird...but ya know it works and it sounds good:D...I think, ha ha. The layout is lovely Lauren and the link love just beautiful....thanks again so so much. I'll spread the post around. XO Mandy

  3. Love Mandy's work...you have a lovely blog too!

  4. Mandy's work is gorgeous and I can see what a gentle, caring person she is! I share her goals - they are admirable!! and I hope too that one day she will no longer have those goals because the testing will have been banned and the seals can live forever in peace.
    Thanks so much for her interview and write up - inspiring and beautiful!

  5. Wonderful post! I love the thoughts and processes that go into the gorgeous works of Mandy's. Love her art! Great goals as well, lets all help to work toward those :)

  6. Mandy - I was so pleased you were able to participate in this series! I find your art so incredibly beautiful and inspiring and am honored to be able to post a few images here! - Lauren

  7. I love the rabbit!!!!!! So beautiful! The wings and the plants... Such a great face too... I love them all but both of the rabbit paintings are so striking.

  8. Oh thanks everyone, your giving my heart lovely happy squeezes today. XO Mandy.

  9. Hi again Lauren,

    I feel kinda silly now...seeing the other interviews, I guess I should have provided the info in the 1st person content!!

    I guess I am used to writing about myself in 3rd person for grant proposals,etc....yikes...sorry....


  10. I follow her bkog and am AMAZED by her work and her kind spirit

  11. Oh no worries Mandy! Everybody wrote theirs differently! I love what you did here!

  12. This artwork is gorgeous!!! I love the colors and being a color junkie I just ooohed and ahhhd at this paintings.
    Please visit my new site:

  13. Great article! As always, I love Mandy's work. Gorgeous colours and creative images! I'm always amazed how productive she is despite those nasty headaches.


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