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B i o g r a p h y :


I play piano driven alternative music... 

I think... I just don't like calling it "Singer/Songwriter." 

I typically don't think about what genre of music I fit into, 
but people ask. 

Sometimes they ask who I sound like, which is my least favorite question. It's not exactly every artist's dream to be restricted by the image that another artist has created... No, I prefer to just be me... Chick rock... Indie piano pop... experimental folk... 
Something like that. 

M u s i c :


I wrote this song at a friend's house in Phoenix a few years ago. 

This particular "gig" took place in my living room in Queenstown, New Zealand. You can't tell from the video, but there were about 30 people there. It was supposed to be preparation for a larger gig, but that one was canceled earlier that day. This turned into the official replacement gig. 

The Raw Demo

I have written some of my best songs when stretched into less convenient writing conditions. I've written many songs on a small Casio keyboard which I borrow from my Grandma when I'm home visiting. There's something about feeling restricted that makes me want to break out and do something amazing. The real challenge comes when I commit the squished songs to a proper keyboard. All that freedom rocks my world after a few months on the mini keyboard. 

This demo, which I call the "Raw Demo," was recorded in my flatmate's room in Queenstown New Zealand. Somewhere between recovering from tonsillitis, and my David Bowie party. Since then I've written so many new songs, so a new demo is well overdue. 

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Practicing Freedom

Like I said, a new demo is well overdue. This is why I have included this video, which we will call "rustic." 

Really I  just wanted to share this song with you, but didn't have time to mosey on down to the recording studio. Although, this is the most recent recording of me. 

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It's been lovely to meet you... 
Come on over for a cup of tea sometime. 
~ Nicole


  1. This is so awesome Nicole! I simply adore your music. Thanks so much for writing this post and sharing your songs!

  2. Yes! You did a totally awesome job of arranging it! I'm so excited!

  3. Enjoyed all of this. Would like to hear more of your voice and less of the background music. Is there a way to tone it down?

  4. Reminded me of Tori Amos in style.

  5. Thanks sooo much for sharing, Nikole! Love your melodies and lyrics! Great work!


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