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Hello there! I'm Polly from Pixie Mama. I was delighted when Lauren asked me to write a guest post for Ladaisi! I thought I'd share with you how the creative process works for me.

I've always loved to create. Be it clothes, art or jewelry... I'm constantly trying out new projects. I run an Etsy Shop - Pixie Mama Crafts that opened recently. I'm also a homeschooling Mum to 3 daughters so my life is packed full! For me, creativity isn't something that I can turn on when I have time. It's a life force of it's own, that I'm not in control of. When creativity hits, I just have to go with the flow. Of course, being a Mum too means that I can't always just drop everything and create when the mood strikes! Sometimes I have to wait until night to have the time to paint or sew.

Late last year I realised that it would be helpful if I had dedicated spaces to create in. Somewhere that I could have my things set up, so I don't have to spend an age getting it all out and putting it away everytime I want to use it all.

I'm lucky that I have a table in our conservatory for all my art supplies, as well as a 'sewing nook'. It may be small, but it's cosy and means I can come and go to a project as time allows! Also, I use the side of the freezer in my sewing nook as my inspiration board. I pin up pictures that are inspiring me right now.

While I like to create in many different ways, I find that I tend to stick to one at a time. So I may spend a week or two making clothes, but nothing else. Then I'll find the urge is to paint...or make some jewelry... or knit. I follow my heart and listen to what it's telling me to create. Forcing it usually ends in tears and lots of stress! Equally there are days at a time when my creativity seems to have gone on holiday! I've learnt not to allow myself to wait and know it will return! Although I hate it when I'm not making something, sometimes I have to just 'be' and wait for inspiration to come again.

Here a few of the things I've created that can be found in my Etsy Shop. I like to try my hand a different crafts - so you'll find a mix of all sorts there!

Inspiration creeps up when I least expect it. I always carry a camera and a notebook with me. That way I can take a picure of something that has inspired me, or write/sketch any ideas as soon as they pop in my head. Then I can work on them when I have the chance. I'm going to leave you with a quote that I love:

The creative process is like music which takes root with extraordinary force and rapidity.

 - Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky -


  1. Polly - thank you so much for this post! I love your free-spirited creativity. I am also very fond of the quote you chose - so inspiring!

  2. thank so much for having me :)

  3. This is great! I too think it's important to have a creative space. I love yours!

  4. I desperately need a creative space. Currently it is my kitchen table (our only table), which is about two by two feet). It's driving me mad!

  5. I love the space you found! It's a great idea to use the side of the fridge! Cute owl!

  6. Beautiful creations and post! :) I love crafting, too, and can't wait until we have our own place so I can get to work!

  7. Such fun work Polly...and your workspace looks fabulous. Off to visit your blog now. :D


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